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Thousands protest in Paris against austerity

Led by several parties of the radical left, the protesters sent a message to President Francois Hollande that they had ‘enough’ of austerity and that it was time for a change in policy. Thousands of people protested in Paris on Saturday calling for a change in the austerity policies of President Francois Hollande. The Left … Continue reading

How austerity has widened Italy’s North-South divide

Austerity policies have accentuated the North-South divide, primarily through a distribution of public spending and the tax burden skewed against the Mezzzogiorno and amid an increasing scarcity of public resources, argues economist Guglielmo Forges Davanzati “It is well known what kind of ideology has been disseminated in myriad ways among the masses in the North, by the … Continue reading

Hungary swings right

By Marco Santopadre The parliamentary elections in Hungary Sunday confirmed a trend already evident in recent years – a right wing government that maintains its position of dominance and a growing neo-Nazi opposition. The election also saw an increase in voter turnout, by four percentage points, reaching 61% participation. The former Liberal party Fidesz, led … Continue reading

Left of Socialist Party calls on Hollande to dump austerity after local election defeat

“The Government cannot remain deaf to the message of the voters. Nothing would be worse than to underestimate the extent of the defeat. Nothing could be more dangerous than to err in analyzing the causes. The problem is not ‘methodological’, it is political. The central issue is a rejection of austerity. This is not about … Continue reading

France local elections: disappointment with Hollande and abstention help Le Pen

Pietro Lunetto offers an analysis of Sunday’s elections and argues that despite the headlines, the Left vote held up overall. The result of the first round of the French administrative has sparked the reaction, often lazy, of the mainstream press, which prefers headlines to detailed analysis of the situation. From the results of the first round, … Continue reading

Ukraine, laboratory of future political and social crises in Europe

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / MEMOIRE DES LUTTES By Frederic Lebaron  Illustrating the difficulty, if not impossibility of making predictions in the social sciences, the current events in Ukraine give the impression that history moves a little too fast for observers. The most surprising turnarounds can quickly render obsolete peremptory analyses, and reliable information one … Continue reading

Italy literally cannot afford the Concordat with the Catholic Church

No-one talks about abolishing the Concordat these days, yet Italian society is increasingly secular, and during these austere times the country can ill afford costly Church privileges while essential services like health and education are being cut, says Raffaele Carcano Thirty years ago  the “new” Concordat was signed. It was ratified by more than 90% of … Continue reading

Renzi’s Haste, and the Crisis of Politics (in Italy)

By Andrea Bianchi What is the main feature of Matteo Renzi’s actions? Haste. The recently elected Democratic Party (PD) leader – and Italy’s next PM – is in a hurry, to leave a mark, to differentiate himself from the rites and times of the old style of politics, to escape the possibility that he may … Continue reading

What’s behind the anti-immigrant vote in Switzerland?

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / HUMANITE Since the Swiss / EU agreement on the free movement of people, a sense of unease has been growing in Switzerland, fuelled by the crisis and exacerbated by the demagoguery of the extreme nationalist right. The success of the anti-immigration initiative of the far-right Swiss People’s Party, led by … Continue reading

Why the May elections to the EU parliament will be a little more European

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / MEMOIRE DES LUTTES  By Bernard Cassen Since 1979, members of the European Parliament have been elected by direct universal suffrage. However, so far , the campaigns preceding the elections had focused little on European issues, if not vaguely or  with mantras such as ” social Europe tomorrow .” In reality, … Continue reading

The illusion of a “left” European Commission

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / MEMOIRE DES LUTTES By Bernard Cassen  In view of the elections to the European Parliament in May 2014, the socialist and social democratic parties are seeking by all means to dissociate themselves from European policies, as these policies – which they have approved – are unpopular. As a diversion and … Continue reading

France’s tax revolt

France is in revolt over tax. In recent weeks the protagonists have ranged from drivers of heavy goods vehicles, wealthy cereal farmers, even the equestrian lobby.  And, almost everybody in the depressed north western region of Brittany, it seems. The narrative is that Socialist France is ‘over-taxed’. As soon as he was elected President 18 months … Continue reading

Berlusconi – Out of Parliament But Not Out Of Politics Yet

For once Italy has something to celebrate. On Wednesday the Senate voted to kick out Silvio Berlusconi, billionaire media magnate and leader of the Right for 20 odd years. The three time Prime minister has been deserted by many supporters on the Right (led by his political ‘heir’ Angelino Alfano) as well as (mostly) willing … Continue reading

France’s Front National brand detox is going nowhere

France’s far right Front National (FN) has been rising in the opinion polls of late – one showing that one in four French voters would back the party in next spring’s European elections. As part of her bid to capitalise on disillusionment with Socialist President Francois Hollande’s broken promises to reverse austerity and deliver jobs and growth, … Continue reading

The French media and the rise of the Front National

Thanks to its victory in the cantonal elections of Brignoles in the Var on October 13, Marine Le Pen’s  Front National has become the focus of media attention and projected to the centre of the political news. When it comes to the Front National, the media are never short on scoops, sensationalism and doomsday “predictions” based … Continue reading

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