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Italy’s radical left: No fudge, elections now!

Oliviero Diliberto, national secretary, Party of Italian Communists (Pdci), 8/9.11.2011

“Democracy requires elections.

“The financial speculators are instead punting for a government that serves them, that is, an ‘instutional and technical government’.

“They want to cut us down like Greece.

And naturally they have among industrialists, friends and allies in Italy.

Instead of telling us what economic measures we should take the ECB, IMF and the EU should be acting to control the financial speculators.

“And instead of giving wasted extra time to Berlusconi we ask the President [Giorgio] Napolitano to rapidly guarantee a popular consultation.”

“It is now up to the Quirinale (seat of the President of the Republic). We ask – and we think the entire centre left needs to do the same – to dissolve parliament and call early elections.

“Nobody should be seeking a fudge that will only revive the Centre-Right coalition.”

Paolo Ferrero, national secretary of the Communist Refoundation, 9.11.2011

“Immediate Vote. No to Mario Monti, no to Amato : a technical government will be a political executive of the European Central Bank that will act against the Italian people.”

“I think that the swamp created by Berlusconi from when a year ago he bought MPs has destroyed all faith in the country’s institutions. To rebuild this we need to be fully immersed in a bath of democracy that gives a voice back to the people.”

A technical government will be a political  executive of the European Central Banks with the wrong policies that will continue in line with those of Berlusconi.

“A government of this type will be against the Italian people. For this reason it is necessary to go to the polls with a progressive coalition that has democratic legitimacy and that acts as a break on the absurdity of these policies.”

Antonio Di Pietro, Italy of Values Party, 9.11.2011

 “I’m in favour of going to the polls.”

“It is right to put the public finances right but you should take the money from those who have it and who have never given anything instead of the weak and vulnerable majority.

“The Government’s measures are unfair. They are social butchery.”

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