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Monti Government: Different Style, Same Content (Italy Radical Press Review)

The Italian newspapers today were focused on the speech yesterday by new Italian PM to the Senate, Mario Monti, the upper house of parliament.

Here’s a flavour of reactions from the radical press:

Liberazione Editorial by Paolo Ferrero, Communist Refoundation

“The programme presented to parliament is completely neo-liberal…It is the implementation, radicalised by European demands, of the policies already introduced by Berlusconi and [Labour Minister] Sacconi…From privatisations and liberalisation to cuts to public spending, tampering with pensions and what is left of the labour market….

“All this without saying a word about the financial wealth, on the causes of speculation, on the unfortunate European policies that – to the contrary – the Government wants to carry out to the letter. The idea that a balanced budget is not only written into the Constitution but must be certified by a private company is the cherry on the cake…

“The state, to be rendered credible in the eyes of the speculators must be controlled by the friends of the speculators….It is a programme that will aggravate the crisis and social inequality…

“The power of Monti is not only that he has replaced Berlusconi but also due to the limits that have characterised anti-Berlusconism. To have made people believe that Berlusconi’s personal interests were at the origin of all the problems of the country. This is a gift to Monti…

“But this also a problem that we need to address. We need to explain that Monti’s policies will be used by the Right to regain consensus and that early elections were the only effective way of ending the Berlusconi era…

“Without questioning the fact that there is nothing natural or objective in these neoliberal policies, there will be further political disillusionment.

“We need to transform anti-Berlusconi-ism into anti-liberalism as a condition to building mass opposition and reinforce the alternative Left.”


Il Manifesto Editorial by Tonina Perna

“We don’t know if we should be happy – for the ending of the 20 year Berlusconi nightmare – or fall into depression, seeing the country fall into the hands of the so-called “technocrats” who hail from the liberal-catholic world…

“Many of us hoped that the financial and economic crisis would bring new elections in the Spring with the possibility of choosing men and women and alternative political programmes.

“The victory in local elections [in May] with unexpected wins for the Left, in the referendum [in June, on nuclear energy, water privatisation and laws giving immunity from prosecution to Government ministers] convinced us that a new political phase was opening up, leading to a rethinking of the mode of development…promote a more equal distribution of wealth and work… This people of the alternative is on stand-by.

“They know that a “technical” government doesn’t really exist, that it has the political stamp of neoliberalism that has brought us to this disaster. They know that to exit from this crisis…a radical change in politics is needed that disarms finance…

“They know all this but cannot do anything. Not for the moment….[But] they shouldn’t be content with a few demonstrations against his government. They must do the concrete work of building a programme, people and social engagement around an alternative that responds the seriousness of the crisis that is hitting Europe and the West, that is not only financial and economic but a real crisis of democratic institutions.”


See some reports on Monti’s speech yesterday

Reuters http://uk.reuters.com/article/2011/11/17/uk-italy-idUKL5E7MC04820111117

The Morning Star http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/news/content/view/full/112071

The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/nov/17/monti-prepares-italy-for-more-pain

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