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Austerity takes 16 lives in Italy this year

At least 16 people have committed suicide in Italy this year already as a result of pressures due to the economic crisis and the austerity measures introduced in response.

The latest victim was a pensioner who just had her  monthly payments cut by €200 to €600.

As a result 78-year old Nunzia threw herself off her balcony in Gela, a town in Sicily. Last year she lost her husband and in recent days she had fallen into a depression worrying about how she was going to make ends meet.

‘The most vulnerable people are paying the price of the crisis. Instead they need help.

‘It is unacceptable that in 2012 in the so-called First World there are ever more people who decide to end their lives after a lifetime of sacrifice because they are completely abandonned.

‘Politics with a small ‘p’ should take responsibility for this.’

Communist (PdCI) leader Oliviero Diliberto

At least 16 people have fallen victim to the crisis in Italy since the start of the year – people who are already vulnerable psychologically and who have take their own lives or tried to after having lost their jobs or who are facing economic hardship.

Here’s just 3 other examples:

On 29 March a 27 year old construction worker of Moroccan origin set fire to his legs and head after having poured petrol over himself in Verona. He hadn’t been paid  for four months.

On 27 March a 49 year old unemployed painter and decorator from Trani in Puglia committed suicide by jumping off his balcony.

Il 22 March in Genoa a 45 year old unemployed man climbed up on a trellis and threatened to kill himself. He was seeking help to buy orthopedic shoes for his sick child.

More examples in Italian

Since publishing this article, another man, aged 51, recently separated from his wife, took his life. He hung himself from a beam in the basement of his apartment building in Milan where he lived with his elderly parents. His mother found him the morning of April 4, just after reporting him missing. He hadn’t been seen since 31 March.

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