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Vote for Socialist Hollande to beat Sarkozy, say Communists

Pierre Laurant, General Secretary, French Communist Party (PCF) commenting last night on initial results of France’s Presidential election

We call for the broadest and strongest rally possible among the people of the left to beat Nicolas Sarkozy, by voting for the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande.

For all women and men who love our country, who for five years, were seriously affected by the policies of Nicolas Sarkozy, who suffered from seeing France weakened, impoverished and ruined, the results (known at this time) the first round the presidential election sound like a call to make every effort to defeat the incumbent.

Score of Front National score is a reservoir for Sarkozy

As feared, the score of the National Front can serve as a reservoir to the candidate Sarkozy. The outgoing president, down from 2007, can be beaten on May 6.

The second round will pit the Right, Nicolas Sarkozy, against the Left, Francois Hollande, the Socialist candidate that universal suffrage placed at the top. The Right must now suffer a large defeat. This is the new and necessary next step of the citizens’ revolution that we started.

…On the left, nearly 12% and about 4 million votes credited to the joint candidate of the Left Front, Jean-Luc Melenchon score represents a novel and an event of this election, as was our campaign, a campaign which has involved hundreds of thousands of women and men, and young people across the country. The fighting people on the left, the people of courage and commitment are back, and in their wake, the hope of change lives, to start a different future for our country, France, and therefore Europe.

I commend all voters and all voters who have turned their choice on the ballot by Jean-Luc Melenchon, and the programme of the Left Front that he represented.

I want to thank from my heart all party activists and communists of the Left Front, all the women and men, whatever their form of commitment, who have given substance to this hope and made this result possible.

On behalf of the French Communist Party, I’m calling for the broadest and strongest rally possible among the people of the left to beat Nicolas Sarkozy, by voting for the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande. The defeat of the incumbent president will be full, clear and sharp, and we will devote all our strength.

Everything must be done to prevent the re-election of the candidate of the UMP and the [employers association] MEDEF, which has not hesitated in many ways to take on the programme of the Front National. The Right and the Far Right will not succeed. France does not deserve five more years of this nightmare.

No member of the Front National must be elected to the National Assembly

Fighting and defeating the xenophobic and racist ideas of Le Pen remains a burning issue. The Left Front is proud of the work it began, quite alone in this campaign to roll back the ideas of the National Front. We will intensify this in the upcoming legislative elections. No member of the Front National must be elected to the National Assembly.

The PCF, the Left Front, will continue to rally around the policies they have promoted in this campaign. Our daring left politics can bring the country out of the crisis by turning our back on austerity and resuming control over the power of money.

For example, by increasing the minimum wage and wages in general, the immediate reinstatement of retirement on a full pension at 60 for all, the prohibition of sackings by firms posting profits. For example, tax reforms, the creation of a public banking and financial ‘pole’. For example requiring any new EU treaty to be ratified by the French people, whether renegotiated or not.

The PCF and the Left Front will mobilize the country in the coming weeks to give further weight to these proposals, to elect a left majority in the National Assembly, with the maximum number of deputies for the Left Front.

France will need brave MPs to repeal Sarkozy’s laws

France will need  brave MPs to repeal Sarkozy’s laws without hesitation and to develop and pass new laws that make political, social and economic advances for workers. The deputies of the Left Front in the Assembly will carry forward the civic engagement movement that arose during this election campaign.

On May 6 [the second round of the Presidential election], the leftward shift is at hand. It will be completed in the legislative elections with the confirmation of the place of the Left Front in a new French politics.

The campaign and the result of the Left Front and its joint candidate, Jean-Luc Melenchon, prove that the people of France and the European people are not doomed to suffer the laws of capitalism.

Another way is now open.

I call on the millions of citizens who have joined us on this road, to back the Left Front, join in the citizens’ assemblies, our struggles, proposals and actions. Make it your business to enable the change to which our people aspire.

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