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Cyprus has caught the Greek disease

While the President of Cyprus visits Moscow to negotiate with Putin, the leftist opposition calls for support for a Syriza-style anti-austerity policy, says  Dimitri Deliolanes In late February, while in Ukraine the truce was imposed with difficulty and in Washington there was talk of new sanctions, the President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiades made a three-day trip … Continue reading

Eurocrisis: why northern Europe should be celebrating

According to legend, the bailouts of countries of Europe’s south have been costly for Germany and other northern countries such as Finland, Austria and Holland. Hence their obsession with policies of ‘rigor’ and deficit reduction. The truth is that they have earned tens of billions of euro from the south. Maurizio Ricci shows how. Someone – possibly Angela Merkel … Continue reading

Are Germans Really Poorer Than Spaniards, Italians And Greeks?

What’s behind the headlines about poor Germans subidizing rich southern Europeans? A con-trick seeking to mask large wealth inequalities within Germany. And to shield the rich and corporations in Europe’s super power from parting from some of their euro-zillions. Social Europe Journal

From Cyprus to Italy: nothing to laugh about

By Alessandro Robecchi ‘In our country, the most common form of recklessness is to laugh, considering absurd things, that then happen.’ Of all the sayings of Ennio Flaiano this is perhaps the most frightening and also, unfortunately, the truest. Every ‘absurd’ case generates palpitations – and what if it really happens? So it is better … Continue reading

The Cyprus crisis and the ECB’s Darwinian turn

The Eurozone’s central bank is taking advantage of the Cyprus crisis to pursue European banking union through an open contest between the strongest and weakest countries, argues Emiliano Brancaccio We still do not know the outcome of the banking crisis in Cyprus but we can already draw some lessons from it for the future. Many … Continue reading

Parliament decision will reach far beyond Cyprus

Statement by European Left Welcoming the rejection of the bailout agreement negotiated between the European Commission, ECB and IMF “troika” and the Cypriot Government, President of the GUE/NGL European Parliamentary group Gabi Zimmer said: “This memorandum’s demands that Cyprus privatise and liberalise public and semi-state utilities were unprecedented. This would have lead to job losses … Continue reading

Cyprus: European oligarchs must pay

Governments can and should impose a tax on the wealth of the super-rich to help resolve Europe’s banking crisis, says Attac Cyprus is experiencing a banking crisis of Irish or Icelandic proportions: a bankrupt banking system, which the European Union is demanding taxpayers bail out. Ireland and Iceland took radically different decisions, one favourable to … Continue reading

The Cyprus experiment

by Daniel Albarracín Desperate Cypriots will today only be able to take out 1,000 euros from ATMs . They know they will soon have to pay a “financial solidarity tax”, taken from their savings to rescue the private banking system. And to protect all those international creditors, so they can still receive money for debts … Continue reading

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