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France: Women’s rights and the return of the Left

Socialist Prime Minister Ayrault’s government marks the return of the Ministry for Women’s Rights in France. Will this improve gender equality? Marie-Pierre Martinet, secretary general of the French Movement for Family Planning, a “very demanding partner”, will be keeping an eye on the situation. Read more in Humanite 

Activists in flash mob against Italy’s escalating femicides

A flash mob took place Wednesday evening outside the parliament in Rome in protest at escalating femicides in Italy. The protest comprised 55 signs, one for each woman killed by a man already in 2012. It was organized by Tilt – a network of collectives and activists campaigning against gender violence. ‘We are here – … Continue reading

Spain’s purple tide rises in defence of abortion rights

Thousands protested in Madrid Thursday night over a minister’s declarations on abortion and to demand gender equality. A ‘purple tide’ or marea violeta of thousands flooded central Madrid calling for the resignation of Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz Gallardon. The demonstration marched under the slogan ‘no step back in our rights. Now more than ever, a feminist revolution.’ … Continue reading

Domestic violence claims more victims than the mafia

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / Il  MANIFESTO The most unsafe place for Italian women is the home, figures show The number of women killed by men is growing in Italy: 127 in 2010, 137 in 2011 and already 37femicides, or femmicidi, in the first two months of the year A study by Bologna’s Casa delle … Continue reading

Pregnant? You’re fired!

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO You are a woman journalist, earning on average Euros 1200 a month for a ‘partnership’ lasting for a series of transmissions. Then you discover a ‘pregnancy clause’ in section 10 of the consultancy contract that the company offers to all freelancers. If you are to become pregnant, or … Continue reading

Austerity hits Italian agriculture as 20,000 businesses close

The sector’s troubles are another blow to women Twenty thousand agricultural businesses closed in Italy last year and pessimism reigns among the survivors, according to Coldiretti, an organisation representing the sector. This is another blow to women who have become increasingly important in farming and related activities, Women now run a third of the 845,000 businesses … Continue reading

Out of work and underpaid: the condition of women in Italy’s south

Women in Italy’s south are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis, new data reveals. More

If not now, when? On Italy’s thriving feminist movement

A year after the huge demonstration against the Berlusconi government, Italy’s women’s movement is thriving. On February 13 last year 1.5 million women flooded the streets and squares of 230 cities across Italy to demand respect by the political elite and above all by billionaire premier Silvio Berlusconi. The mobilisation was a first. It had … Continue reading

A covert war against women in the workplace

They are the hidden victims of a backward, chauvinist capitalist class, enemy number 1 in a covert war in the workplace. Some 800,000  women are forced out of their jobs every year by unscrupulous and deceitful employers, new official figures show. It is a national scandal known forced resignations, and it works like this: New recruits … Continue reading

Belgium: Expanding precariat drives up poverty rates

15% of Belgians live under the poverty line with the expansion of precarious forms of employment a key factor, the first nationwide annual study of the issue shows. Children and elderly (65+) are the most badly affected, with poverty rates of 18.5% and 19.4% respectively The poverty line is set at Euros 973 a month … Continue reading

2011 – That was the year that was

A video selection of protest in 2011 across the Continent, involving workers from the public sector and private sector, trade unionists, students, pensioners, anti-fascists, immigrants, men and women, mothers, fathers, feminists, indignados, from Belgium, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain. Strikes, marches, stunts and other forms of protests against austerity, wage freezes, pension cuts, racism, sexism, the banks, the richest and goverrnments … Continue reading

Italian women in fresh protests

Italian women will be protesting again, in Rome on Sunday: On 13 February a million or more Italian women took the streets and squares of Italy to demonstrate against the misuse and abuse of the female image. The object of their anger then was billionaire prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. “Then the catalyst that got a million … Continue reading

Italy’s women are getting organised

By Tom Gill On February 13 Italian women took the political establishment by surprise when they staged mass nationwide protests for dignity and respect. A million donne and their male supporters succeeded, for a day, in highlighting how far their country – once with a thriving feminist movement and now with a prime minister facing charges of … Continue reading

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