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Of the class struggle and the things we eat

By Esther Vivas Do the rich and poor eat the same? Do our incomes determine our diet? Today, who is overweight? Although often, and from certain quarters, the call for healthy and wholesome food is viewed with disdain, as “a fad” “posh”, “hippy” or “flower power” the reality is rather different than these short-sighted comments … Continue reading

CAP reform a lost opportunity to protect environment, small farmers and deliver food sovereignty

Left MEPs say reforms fail to bring changes that will improve the quality of life for struggling small and medium farmers and start an environmentally-friendly transition of Europe’s agriculture.  “This reform doesn’t make it possible to respond to the key challenges – to improve the quality of life for small and medium farmers suffering so much” French MEP Patrick Le … Continue reading

Land for those who work it

By Esther Vivas The land is a source of wealth for a few, here and on the other side of the planet. In Spain, the housing boom has left a legacy of ruinous urban development, airports (almost) without airplanes, ghost towns, huge, obsolete infrastructure projects… And in the global South, the desire to profit from the … Continue reading

‘Royal’ palace occupied as ‘Robin Hood’ mayor Gordillo continues labourers’ march

The vast grounds of a palace in Cordoba owned by a cousin of King Juan Carlos were occupied Tuesday by agricultural workers led by the radical left major Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo. The occupation, a planned stop in a protest march over sky high unemployment, dire working conditions and cuts made by the central and … Continue reading

Italy: Migrants strike against exploitation

Migrant agricultural workers have been on strike in the province of Pavia, Lombardy, north Italy, for just over week now. The reason for the strike action: ‘No exploitation, no slavery,’ say their flyers. The forty Morroccan workers – 10 women, 40 men – have had enough of terrible working conditions of up to 13-14 hours a day, … Continue reading

Italy’s agricultural workers join rebellion against Monti’s reforms

Over 100,000 agricultural workers went on strike for 8 hours across Italy on Friday over the loss of welfare and pension rights resulting from the reforms of the unelected government of Mario Monti. Already 90% of agricultural workers are on fixed term contracts with low wages and the government’s measures will lead to further casualisation … Continue reading

Austerity hits Italian agriculture as 20,000 businesses close

The sector’s troubles are another blow to women Twenty thousand agricultural businesses closed in Italy last year and pessimism reigns among the survivors, according to Coldiretti, an organisation representing the sector. This is another blow to women who have become increasingly important in farming and related activities, Women now run a third of the 845,000 businesses … Continue reading

Communists on Italy’s growing protest movement against Monti government

Protests against the austerity and deregulation measures of Mario Monti’s government are growing. Here’s a different take on developments from the radical left: “Police charges are not a response to the demands of fishermen because social problems are not a public order issue but instead require a political response. The government, which is increasingly characterised as … Continue reading

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