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The political battle for full employment

By Juan Torres Lopez 70 years ago a very important Polish economist, Michal Kalecki, published an article (Political aspects of full employment) that I think has a great relevance today, particularly this May Day. Kalecki started out by recognizing that when he wrote that a substantial majority of economists believed that, even in a capitalist … Continue reading

Ilva: another steel industry is possible

Today, tens of thousands in Taranto in southern Italy took to the streets to defend their right to health in a town that for decades has been polluted to lethal levels by Europe’s biggest steelworks. On 9 April, the country’s Constitutional Court will rule on a government decree that kept the plant open in defiance … Continue reading

Portugal’s Left must respond to a rising tide of rebellion

Portugal’s Left must seize the moment offered by an escalating social struggle and unite around a radical platform of change, argues Left Bloc’s Jorge Costa Saturday’s massive demonstrations across Portugal have changed the immediate future of social struggle in our country. Those who want to avenge the Carnation Revolution of April 25 1974 now know, after the … Continue reading

Greece: Syriza’s anti-austerity programme – at a glance

Radical left party Syriza, which is currently leading in the polls, announced its new programme Friday. Here’s the main points: Cancel the ‘memorandum‘ between Greece and the EU-IMF and repudiate its ‘odious’ terms Ask for the renegotiation of the loan agreement Push for a new restructuring of the debt with the aim of reducing it … Continue reading

Mr Monti, here’s what waste to cut

An alternative budget for Italy The initiative by Mario Monti’s government to ask citizens to suggest cuts has produced predictable results. The capitalist-owned mass media has been banging on about the ‘cost of politics’ for months and hey presto the vast majority of proposals posted on the dedicated government website from ordinary Italians have been … Continue reading

Belgium: Against blind Austerity, For an Alternative

Ahead of Belgium’s general strike on Monday, here’s some alternative ideas to austerity, courtesey of the main trade union confederation, FGTB Belgium is bracing for a general strike on Monday. It will be led by Belgium’s FGTB trade union confederation. “The financial crisis and the banking rescue have hurt the public finances. The credit rating … Continue reading

France: from economic to social crisis

The number of jobless people in France hit a 12-year high in November in the latest sign that austerity measures taken by President Sarkozy and by major trading partners are beginning to really hurt in the Eurozone’s second largest economy. Labour ministry data showed that the number of registered jobseekers in mainland France rose by … Continue reading

Italy, austerity and the alternative

Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition Government could today approve sweeping austerity measures demanded by the European Central Bank in return for it helping to finance its debt mountain. A mixture of heavy spending cuts and tax rises, they will depress an already depressed internal market at a time when austerity elsewhere means export markets are struggling too. … Continue reading

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