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Billions for shareholders, crumbs for workers

Dividend payouts in France increased seven fold over the past two decades, new figures show, underlining widening inequality of wealth in Europe’s second largest economy. Over the same period workers got very little of this wealth that they had created, with wages rising by around a third. An astonishing 550 billion euros was handed out to … Continue reading

The real causes of austerity

By Vincente Navarro The measures being taken to streamline the financial system in the European Union are not resolving the  Great Recession in the European Union. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Spanish economy will decline by 1.5% of GDP, Italy by 2.3%, Portugal by 3%, Greece by 5.2%, the UK by 0.6%, … Continue reading

Capital grabs more wealth than labour in Spain for first time

Capitalists now have for the first time a larger share of the nation’s wealth than workers in Spain, new figures show. ‎More

EU Treaty ‘unprecedented attack on the European people’s basic political rights’

‘Fiscal Pact’ is regime change to a dictatorship of the markets, says Europe’s radical left leader Pierre Laurent, President of Party of the European Left (This statement was issued ahead of the informal summit on 30 January 2011) The EU heads of state will meet today to refine their project for « an international agreement … Continue reading

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