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Some spending cuts that Italy really needs

More spending cuts are on the horizon in Italy as Mario Monti’s government of technocrats tries to slash its budget deficit in line with demands from Frankfurt, Berlin and Paris. Unelected Monti passed a €30bn austerity package last December and this has driven Italy deeper into recession. This month the government revised its GDP forecast for 2012 … Continue reading

Urgent need to regroup union movement and workers in a more class-oriented direction, say Greek Communists

Interview with Communist Party (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga by Athens News, 27 Apr 2012 Athens News: Does the EU-IMF memorandum raise issues of national sovereignty, of the unfettered operation of the democratic system and of enforcement of the constitution? Aleka Papariga: Whoever raises issues of the abolition of “national sovereignty” because of the memorandum is … Continue reading

April 25: Italy’s liberty and freedom under attack from Monti’s technocrats

April 25, or Liberation Day, is marked in Italy as the anniversary of the 1945 fall of Mussolini’s fascist state, but for Paolo Ferrero, leader  of the Communist Refoundation Party, there was little to celebrate. He commented: ‘On 25 April freedom and democracy were won. Today, with a government of bankers and technocrats and a … Continue reading

We must now return Sarkozy and Front National to the dustbin of history

We must now return Sarkozy and Front National to the dustbin of history say France’s Young Communists, commenting on the first round Presidential election results. Read

Greek Communists promise radical action on unemployment as they present lists for May 6 elections

The Greek Communists (KKE) would introduce ‘radical measures for the protection of the unemployed’ and ‘mass hiring’ in social services, public works, health and education if they won power on May 6 parliamentary polls. They would move towards the ‘complete abolition of unemployment’ through ‘the socialization of the monopolies, nationwide planning with workers’ control, exit … Continue reading

France has awoken, declares Melenchon ahead of Sunday’s Presidential vote

Radical left Jean Luc Melenchon called on tens of thousands assembled in Paris Thursday night to vote for the Left Front in Sunday’s Presidential elections to ‘chase’ Nicolas Sarkozy from power and help put an end to the ‘Merkozy axis in the heart of Austerity Europe’. Melenchon, at 13-15% in the polls, said voting for … Continue reading

Portugal signs ‘a contract to kill the European social model’.

Portugal has become the first European country to approve the EU’s fiscal compact, known to critics as the ‘permanent austerity’ treaty. The country’s parliament made the move Friday, and also approved the European Stability Mechanism – the much derided long-term ‘bailout’ fund. Portugal is one of three eurozone countries to be ‘rescued’ by the EU … Continue reading

EU fiscal compact would limit the options of governments “forever”, says Portugal’s radical left.

The Left Bloc and Portuguese Communist Party said Thursday that the change to the Portuguese constitution implementing the new EU Fiscal Compact imposed ‘a rule of lead’ on the Portuguese economy and would limit the options of governments ‘forever’. In the debate in parliament ahead of a vote, the Left Bloc’s Ana Drago accused the prime … Continue reading

Socialists and Popular Party have delivered a death sentence to the Constitution of 1978

‘This crisis is about capital against labour and capitalism against the state. It is time for a ‘social, democratic and anti-capitalist alternative,’ say Spanish Communists. It’s time to move towards a new constituent process. More

Italian senators urged to vote down balanced budget law

Communists demand referendum on EU Fiscal Compact, denounce parliamentarians as ‘thieves of democracy’  A balanced budget law, the fiscal straightjacket being imposed on people across Europe, is set to be given the green light by Italian senators on Wednesday in a move described as ‘financial coup’ by Italy’s communists. Paolo Ferrero, of Communist Refoundation and Federation … Continue reading

More protests predicted as Rajoy unveils budget for privileged

Opposition parties have  slammed the right-wing government’s tax and spending plans for 2012  with the radical United Left party seeing them as demonstrating ‘intolerance’ towards the majority’ and a ‘give-away’ for a ‘privileged few’. The administration of Mariano Rajoy, elected last November in a landslide victory against the Socialists, revealed Tuesday details of one of the most … Continue reading

Monti’s labour reforms are a red herring

Italian prime minister Mario Monti is reported to be in crunch talks with unions today to see if he can get a deal that will make workers pay for the economic crisis. Monti argues, with little evidence*, that with American style labour markets Italy can resuscitate its zombie economy that has barely growth for in … Continue reading

‘Rebel’ against Madrid, Spain’s regions are urged

Spain’s regional governments should ‘rebel’ against demands by Madrid for further cuts to schools and hospitals, says the Communist-led United Left. The 17 ‘autonomous’ regions of Spain, who spend 37% of the total outlay by the public purse and are responsible for budgets on education, health and social services, are facing an unprecedented financial squeeze … Continue reading

Monti has done the precise opposite that he promised: communists

Worse than Berlusconi: Italian Communists on 100 days of the Monti government  More

General strike called in Portugal as jobless crisis deepens

The CGTP , the country’s largest trade union confederation, called a general strike Thursday as the economy plummeted and unemployment soared. A deepening recession sent Portugal’s jobless rate to a record high at the end of 2011, new figures showed. The jump pushed  unemployment in the last three months of the year to 14 percent, … Continue reading

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