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Margaret Thatcher: the architect of Europe’s crisis

Thatcher introduced to Europe the economic and political model that is now destroying it. Here’s some dedications from critics (from the European mainland) of the late British prime minister, who has received such lavish, and unwarranted praise, in recent days.  French Communist Party: For some she put an end to the “monopoly” of the unions, she … Continue reading

‘It’s a pressure cooker ready to explode’

The closure of an aluminium smelter in a depressed industrial zone on the Italian island of Sardinia has sparked protests by enraged employees On Wednesday they blocked Cagliari airport. Friday they sought to mount a blockade the sea port of the Sardinian city. Workers of the Alcoa aluminium plant are angry – and desperate – … Continue reading

Factory occupation highlights France’s manufacturing meltdown

Hundreds of workers occupied Monday the factory of ArcelorMittal in Florange in the north of France after it was announced that the temporary closure would be prolonged for a further three months. The workers entered the steel factory shouting ‘Mittal, we want to work’. ‘We won’t leave the factory until the furnaces are started again,’ … Continue reading

French Product or Product Made in France?

L’Humanité newspaper discusses whether the nationality of the boss matters if the jobs stay in France. More

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