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It’s Christmas for the Banks, Rigor for the People – Attac

On 21 December, the European Central Bank made its biggest loan in its history to the banks. In total, the ECB lent 523 banks Euros 500 billion, for 3 years at 1% interest rate. This is an exceptional degree of support from the ECB, which officially justified the move because of the need for banks … Continue reading

Italian activists launch debt audit campaign

A campaign has been launched for a citizen’s audit of Italy’s debt. Behind the initiative are Giorgio Cremaschi, a senior figure in the FIOM metalworkers union, former Communist Refoundation leader Fausto Bertinotti and economist Loretta Napoleoni, among others. The aim of the popular debt audit is to create a commission, made up of a representatives … Continue reading

Portuguese activists launch citizens’ debt audit

Left-wing academics, economists and political personalities begin a “citizens’ debt audit” in Lisbon today, promising to disclose their findings by the end of June. One of the initiative’s organisers, former Left Bloc MP José Gusmão says the objective was to paint a “portrait of all (Portugal’s) debt” and to make recommendations for “better solutions” in dealing … Continue reading

Berlusconi and Italy’s ‘financial coup’

By Tom Gill Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi sees conspiracies everywhere. The ‘Communists’ –  not the real ones as these are thin on the ground these days – can be found in parliament, in the international press, and above all in the judiciary. The ‘Red Magistrates’ are hounding him in court cases over corruption, tax fraud, abuse of … Continue reading

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