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Sliding to the Periphery – Italy, the Crisis and Europe

Europe was meant to offer the prospect of completing the modernisation of Italy, consolidating an advanced economy, expanding welfare and democracy. Instead, there’s been economic decline and a degradation of democracy while Europe is becoming increasingly unpopular, argues Mario Pianta Read 

Coups and democracy

By Gerardo Pisarello and Jaume Asens For over a year, a section of 15-M movement proposed surrounding the Catalan Parliament to protest against the most drastic social cuts approved since time of Franco. The organizers claimed that the pro-austerity political parties had betrayed campaign promises and had subordinated public institutions to private power, completely illegitimately. … Continue reading

Solidarity with the Spanish bankers

You may have heard about the plan, agreed in June to give €100 billion to Spanish banks. The ‘rescue’ plan for Spanish bankers, who speculated their way to ruin, is being financed by all Eurozone member states, that is by all the citizens of the Eurozone. Now, this includes Spaniards. And they, that is the country’s 99%, are paying … Continue reading

Another Road for Europe – An Appeal

Europe is in crisis because it has been hijacked by neoliberalism and finance. In the last twenty years – with a persistent democratic deficit – the meaning of the European Union has increasingly been reduced to a narrow view of the single market and the single currency, leading to liberalisations and speculative bubbles, loss of … Continue reading

Le Pen senior pays hommage to dictator Pinochet

France’s godfather of the far right Jean Marie Le Pen paid hommage to the dictator Augusto Pinochet in a ‘private visit’ to Chile this weekend. The former President and now honorary chairman of the Front National was among a number of fascist and extreme right-wingers from the US, Spain, Argentina and France who were invited … Continue reading

Italian senators urged to vote down balanced budget law

Communists demand referendum on EU Fiscal Compact, denounce parliamentarians as ‘thieves of democracy’  A balanced budget law, the fiscal straightjacket being imposed on people across Europe, is set to be given the green light by Italian senators on Wednesday in a move described as ‘financial coup’ by Italy’s communists. Paolo Ferrero, of Communist Refoundation and Federation … Continue reading

Die Linke asks awkward questions over EU permanent austerity pact

Radical opposition Left Party warns EU Fiscal Pact may breach German Constitution More in Der Spiegel

Fighting for rights and democracy in the workplace and in society

The metalworkers strike and protest Friday 9 March is about democracy in the workplace, but also extending welfare to the weakest, protecting public services and a sustainable exit from the crisis, says Maurizio Landini, general secretary of Fiom metalworkers union, Italy. Today is a very important day for the FIOM and the future of democracy. The … Continue reading

Austerity is not working and will not work, say Europe’s trade unions

The European Trade Union Confederation sets out  the alternatives to the Troika’s diktat as the latest figures confirm the Eurozone has entered recession More

Greece’s new austerity measures are ‘authoritarian, illegitimate’ says European Left

The Party of the European Left has called on all social and political forces resisting the ‘ongoing escalation of social destruction and authoritarianism in a national and European level’ to unite in the ‘widest possible struggle’ to bring about a ‘massive change in the balance of power’ and to ‘overthrow the reactionary governments, the troika and … Continue reading

EU Treaty an ‘expropriation of Italian sovereignty’

Italian Communists start campaign for referendum on Treaty The EU ‘fiscal compact’  approved yesterday by Brussels is a ‘real disaster for Italy’, said Paolo Ferrero, leader of the Communist Refoundation party. It will lead to a 3% – or Euros 40 billion – annual cut to spending, he said. ‘It will result in a downward spiral … Continue reading

EU Treaty ‘unprecedented attack on the European people’s basic political rights’

‘Fiscal Pact’ is regime change to a dictatorship of the markets, says Europe’s radical left leader Pierre Laurent, President of Party of the European Left (This statement was issued ahead of the informal summit on 30 January 2011) The EU heads of state will meet today to refine their project for « an international agreement … Continue reading

Germany: The oldest profession is still going strong

How the German Left Party is a victim of continual snooping. Morning Star. More

The Troika letter strangling Greece

FROM THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO  The Troika is demanding two huge privatisations immediately, massive sackings in the public sector, enormous employment ‘flexibility’ in the private sector, a new cut to pensions and wages and another mountain of money for the banks ‘Earth and Water’, as in antiquity, was the demand of the Troika (IMF-ECB-European Union) … Continue reading

European Trade Union Confederation rejects new “undemocratic” EU treaty

European Trade Union Confederation rejects new “undemocratic” EU treaty slamming proposals as “more of the same austerity”  More

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