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Berlusconi’s proto-fascism

By Dino Greco Having again, shamelessly opened his black heart to absolve Mussolini, and his deeds, Silvio Berlusconi sparked outrage, shame rejection, dismay – and so on and so forth – among almost all major players and commentators in national politics. Worse, he vomited his own indecent words on “Memorial Day”, in front of the notorious Platform … Continue reading

Don’t vote for ABC!

Giorgio Cremaschi* on the local elections in Italy on May 6-7 In the midst of economic and social crisis and the devastation of the rights and future of workers and unemployed, local elections have suddenly appeared. Viewed from the point of view of social reality, there’s something fraudulent about them. The Democratic Party, the centrist … Continue reading

Amended labour reforms head to Italian parliament

CGIL studies new text as Democrat Party declares it ‘an important step forward’ and Communists dismiss reforms as further step towards ‘transforming workers into a commodity’ Italian Premier Mario Monti softened his planned labour reform that would have made it easier for employers to lay off workers on Wednesday. Responding to opposition from the center-left … Continue reading

Primaries shift centre of gravity left in Italy’s centre-left

When launched in 2005, primary contests seemed like a good idea to help revive the Italian centre-left’s flagging fortunes and divisions at a time when Silvio Berlusconi’s grip on power appeared unassailable. Over 4.3 million people took part in contest for the leader of the Union alliance that gave overwhelming backing to former premier and … Continue reading

Why Florence’s buses are moving at a snail’s pace

After days and weeks of mealy mouthed statements, the intentions of the government of premier Mario Monti on public ownership are now crystal clear. Earlier this week, minister Corrado Passera declared that publicly-owned transport is ‘abnormal’ and the Government will do ‘everything’ to encourage large private firms to take over local services. This declaration of … Continue reading

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