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Why French anti-fascists took to the streets this weekend

Thousands marched in Paris and other cities in France this weekend to protest against  violence by far right groups which claimed the life of Clement Meric, a student union and anti-fascist activist. Below is a joint statement by the organisers and supporters of the demonstrations: Fascism kills. Together, we can fight it! On 5 June, right-wing militants … Continue reading

Closing gender pay gap requires tougher sanctions and end to austerity

‘Women earn 16.4% less than men and the gender pay gap is getting worse despite legislation at national and international level,’ Portuguese GUE/NGL MEP Inês Zuber told MEPs Thursday in a debate on equal pay. Zuber pointed to collective bargaining rights as one of the best ways to protect women from wage discrimination. ‘Sanctions on … Continue reading

If not now, when? On Italy’s thriving feminist movement

A year after the huge demonstration against the Berlusconi government, Italy’s women’s movement is thriving. On February 13 last year 1.5 million women flooded the streets and squares of 230 cities across Italy to demand respect by the political elite and above all by billionaire premier Silvio Berlusconi. The mobilisation was a first. It had … Continue reading

French president targets the unemployed, immigrants and homosexuals

Sarkozy puts the final reactionary and anti-social polish on his candidature. Humanite. More

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