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Politics displaced, economy offshore

Nothing is where it should be. Without a government at Palazzo Chigi, Italian politics is displaced. And as the “Offshore Leaks” scandal has revealed, the economy has meanwhile moved to tax havens, says Mario Pianta Nothing is where it should be. A Palazzo Chigi, the prime minister’s office in Rome, there’s no government resulting from … Continue reading

Italy: Business as usual (actually it’s even worse)

By Francesco Piobbichi Business as usual. European Central Bank Mario Draghi was the real election victor and his victory will allow him to run the country for another six months, on autopilot . The autopilot Draghi was talking about is nothing other than the set of rules laid down by the treaties (Fiscal Compact) recently … Continue reading

The 8 big lies Mario Draghi told Spain’s parliament

By Eduardo Garzon On Tuesday 12 February 2013, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, stood before Spain’s parliament to explain the actions of the ECB in the Eurozone. Leaving aside the shameful and undemocratic fact of a closed hearing (and how absurd it was, because then the speech was published on … Continue reading

Europe protests against social massacre

By Giorgio Cremaschi And so between the tear gas and cherry bombs, the Greek parliament has approved a new raft of social cuts, imposed by the usurers of the European Troika in return for a bit of credit. This new installment of spending cuts imposed by all, I repeat all, governments in the European Union … Continue reading

Even ‘unconventional’ ECB policies won’t save the euro or Europe

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / MEMOIRE DES LUTTES By Jacques Sapir On July 26, President Mario Draghi stated that the European Bank would ‘do everything necessary to preserve the Euro’. The proposed scheme, which would be pursued in conjunction with the governments of the euro area, has two components: on the one hand, the ECB … Continue reading

Financial markets running riot & billion-dollar rescue plunged Europe into a debt crisis, Mr Draghi

Not breaking but…ECB chief’s vision of Europe amounts to strategic negligence, says European Left Read the statement

Germany shows solidarity with struggling southern neighbours

The same day the European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi delivered his bombshell declaration that the European welfare state was no more, the Continent’s Great Power, Germany issued orders to stop welfare payments to non-German nationals. Whether coincidence or not, the move by the Federal Labour Agency on February 23 has helped put some flesh … Continue reading

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