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Spaniards back in the streets over education and health cuts

As many as 100,000 marched in more than 50 rallies and demonstrations across Spain Sunday to protest against cuts in health and education. Organised by the CCOO and UGT trade union centrals and the Social Platform in Defense of the Welfare State, 40,000 protestors defied the rain and marched in Madrid under the slogan: ‘We … Continue reading

Spanish students to take to streets over education cuts on May 10

Spain’s Students Union has called a day of protest against massive cuts in the public education system. General secretary Thoil Delgado is in talks with the UGT and CCOO trade union centrals to try and coordinate action with teachers to make May 10 a ‘response from the educational community.’ The action would come just five … Continue reading

‘Rebel’ against Madrid, Spain’s regions are urged

Spain’s regional governments should ‘rebel’ against demands by Madrid for further cuts to schools and hospitals, says the Communist-led United Left. The 17 ‘autonomous’ regions of Spain, who spend 37% of the total outlay by the public purse and are responsible for budgets on education, health and social services, are facing an unprecedented financial squeeze … Continue reading

Spaniards take to streets of capital over public service cuts

Twenty thousand Spaniards demonstrated in defense of public services this Tuesday evening in the capital Madrid. Comissiones Obreras, UGT and other unions highlighted the negative impact on users of services, from health, where patients face reduced contact time with professional medical staff and longer waiting times, to poorer social care for elderly relatives, reduced emergency … Continue reading

Italian activists launch debt audit campaign

A campaign has been launched for a citizen’s audit of Italy’s debt. Behind the initiative are Giorgio Cremaschi, a senior figure in the FIOM metalworkers union, former Communist Refoundation leader Fausto Bertinotti and economist Loretta Napoleoni, among others. The aim of the popular debt audit is to create a commission, made up of a representatives … Continue reading

Protests over education cuts will continue promise unions

SPAIN – Tens of thousands marched in Madrid Saturday 18 December against cuts by the right-wing regional government to state education, capping four months of protests and nine days of strikes this year. The education unions CCOO, UGT y STEM that organised the demonstrations promised more actions in the New Year. The Madrid regional government, … Continue reading

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