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Sliding to the Periphery – Italy, the Crisis and Europe

Europe was meant to offer the prospect of completing the modernisation of Italy, consolidating an advanced economy, expanding welfare and democracy. Instead, there’s been economic decline and a degradation of democracy while Europe is becoming increasingly unpopular, argues Mario Pianta Read 

The Euro and the firefighters of Crassus

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO By Leo Manfredi The European house is on fire: Athens has been burning for nearly three years, yet nothing seems to work, despite the austerity measures, despite the interventions of the European institutions, despite a significant restructuring of public debt. It is said that in ancient Rome, when … Continue reading

European Summit: Monti wins, the Italian people lose, and austerity and recession continue

The latest ‘crunch’ EU Summit on 28-29 June has landed citizens with a huge bill to bail out the banks yet again, argue Italy’s communists. But it will not end speculation against the Euro nor the blackmail of financial markets, forcing governments to continue pursuing failed austerity policies. Paolo Ferrero, leader of Italy’s Communist Refoundation … Continue reading

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