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US/France intervention in Syria would be a massive blow to international law

Speaking in Vilnius (Lithuania) at the European Interparliamentary meeting on Security and Defence, GUE/NGL MEP and foreign affairs policy coordinator Willy Meyer called proposed US/France intervention in Syria “a mortal blow to the UN Charter” and called for a “negotiated political solution to the Syrian conflict, without any foreign interference”. The Vilnius meeting brings together … Continue reading

Anti-austerity policies win in France and Greece, says European Left

Gabi Zimmer, president of the GUE/NGL Group on the elections in France and Greece: “The results of the votes in France and Greece are a victory for the Left in Europe. We welcome the election of Francois Hollande as president of France and the huge success of the Greek left” “The brutal austerity policies of … Continue reading

We reject new grounds for allowing border controls in the EU – European United Left/Nordic Green Left

European Left on proposals to reintroduce Schengen border controls and why what’s really needed is ‘better safeguards to prevent member states from arbitrarily controlling their borders’. Read

Financial markets running riot & billion-dollar rescue plunged Europe into a debt crisis, Mr Draghi

Not breaking but…ECB chief’s vision of Europe amounts to strategic negligence, says European Left Read the statement

Commission’s pensions proposals mean working longer, for less – European Left

European Left on the European Commission’s regressive pensions proposals and how they will hit women hard. Video

European Left statement: Peoples of Europe Unite!

Peoples of European Unite! The Eurozone and the EU are today facing the most critical situation since their foundation. And that is because it is not only the existence of the Eurozone which is being put under severe question but also the very institutional structure of the EU. The process of European unification is being … Continue reading

Radical reactions to Greek referendum drama

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) KKE: No if there is a referendum, No if there isn’t. Yes to overthrow the monopolies ‘The dilemma Euro or drachma is misleading for the people. The interest of the people is the disengagement from the EU with people’s power and economy, which will cancel the whole debt unilaterally and … Continue reading

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