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Italy: the problem with Renzi

By Giorgio Cremaschi* A few months ago all the Italian media reported with great sympathy the struggle of the Greek state television journalists against the cuts decided by the government in the name of austerity. Now they point the finger at the strike at Italy’s state broadcaster Rai, characterising it as a revolt of bureaucracy … Continue reading

Italy’s centre left bounces back, but will it last?

Italy’s Grand Coalition is paying dividends for the centre-left Democratic Party. But will it last? Analysis of last weekend’s local elections by Tom Gill in the Morning Star 

Italy: Business as usual (actually it’s even worse)

By Francesco Piobbichi Business as usual. European Central Bank Mario Draghi was the real election victor and his victory will allow him to run the country for another six months, on autopilot . The autopilot Draghi was talking about is nothing other than the set of rules laid down by the treaties (Fiscal Compact) recently … Continue reading

Who are Europe’s real clowns?

Peer Steinbrück, the SPD opposition candidate for Chancellor in this autumn’s elections in Germany, caused a diplomatic row in the wake of the Italian elections by describing ‘populists’ Silvio Berlusconi and Beppe Grillo as clowns. But neither Peer Steinbrück nor Angela Merkel have understood a thing about Europe’s crisis, argues Jakob Augstein. A Swiss vote against greed and … Continue reading

Grillo: Both near and far from the indignados

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO By Donatella della Porta Italy’s elections certainly did not produce the best possible outcome, but nor, for the anti-austerity cause, did they produce the worst. Two other results would certainly have been much more risky. One, a very close victory for the Right, with or without Monti, would have … Continue reading

How Beppe Grillo and Italy’s Five Star Movement stole the election

Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement is now Italy’s largest party, only overtaken in terms of seats in parliament by Pier Luigi Bersani and Silvio Berlusconi by the alliances they have built with smaller parties – SEL and the Northern League respectively. So how did Grillo, a former comedian and Italy’s number 1 blogger, come from … Continue reading

The Euro is a dead man walking

Italians have decided – the Euro is now a zombie. It’s time to Exit, from the left says economist Emiliano Brancaccio ‘Signor Euro repeatedly risked a heart attack. Dr. Draghi then decided to put him in an induced coma. With respect to the cure, though, he hesitated. At regular intervals, a Hamlet-like dilemma presented itself: … Continue reading

Italy: How the spread lost the elections

Grillo’s success and failure of Monti and the peninsula’s two main parties is a sign of a growing European revolt that has finally started in Italy too, says Giorgio Cremaschi The markets have reacted badly. It was obvious, banking and finance wanted the victory of the Democrats, working with Monti. Moreover, if elections had delivered victory … Continue reading

Grillonomics: the ideas behind the Italy’s no.1 political party

Beppe Grillo and his Five Star Movement have emerged as the single largest party in Italy’s elections held 24-25 February. But what do we know of his policies? Here’s a recent analysis by economist Vladimiro Giacché: In dealing with the economic programme of the Five Star Movement we should first clear up in advance possible misunderstandings. … Continue reading

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