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Greek public sector to protest Troika mass dismissal plan

Unions will be leading a protest in central Athens Wednesday against  demands by international creditors to dismiss 25,000 public sector workers. The massive firings are being demanded by the IMF-EU-ECB ‘Troika’ in return for the final 2.8 billion euros tranche of an international loan to Greece due in the first quarter of this year. ”The … Continue reading

Decision time for Italian voters

Italians are voting again after 14 months under “technocrat” Mario Monti. The outcome of the election in terms of delivering a stable government is uncertain. Pier Luigi Bersani’s centre-left Democrats have been leading in the polls, but billionaire media magnate Silvio Berlusconi’s right-wing alliance is expected to put in a strong showing as is newcomer … Continue reading

The IMF’s mea culpa?

By Vincente Navarro At first glance it would seem that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a mea culpa for imposing austerity policies on Eurozone countries (such as Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy), having recognized that not only have they not stimulated economic growth, but that they have hurt the economies of these … Continue reading

Austerity is bad for Europe’s health, say doctors

In an open letter ‘to the political leaders and health authorities in Europe,’ representatives of medics and other leading health professionals in the four of the most badly hit EU countries have demanded an urgent review of austerity policies to ‘prevent further deterioration of health and health services.’ The letter, unveiled Tuesday in Lisbon by … Continue reading

The Past Masters of Error Pontificate Again

By Juan Torres López The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has just published its new report on the Spanish economy that makes predictions about our immediate future and presents proposals, it says, to exit the crisis. The forecasts pour a bucket of cold water on the Spanish government because they say that we … Continue reading

EU leaders must come clean and finally admit – austerity creed is bankrupt

Statement by Gabi Zimmer, president of the GUE/NGL group in the European Parliament: “Although the schedule for the banking union has now been decided – the rulers have once again cheated and avoided clear commitments, rectifications and urgent decisions. In the conflict between different interest groups and in the battle to claim back lost ground, … Continue reading

For the true masters of Europe, the EU and the euro are successful…

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / MEMOIRE DES LUTTES By Bernard Cassen For supporters, neo-liberalism is not an ideology. This project is a natural and obvious fulfillment of freedom. But there is a hierarchy of freedoms. Some – those relating to economics and finance – are much more important than others, and that is why, in … Continue reading

The Euro and the firefighters of Crassus

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO By Leo Manfredi The European house is on fire: Athens has been burning for nearly three years, yet nothing seems to work, despite the austerity measures, despite the interventions of the European institutions, despite a significant restructuring of public debt. It is said that in ancient Rome, when … Continue reading

Another bail-out of European banks

Another week, another round of austerity – and another bail-out of the banks in Europe. Greece’s parliament this week passed austerity measures linked to the receipt of crucial bailout funds to prevent the government from defaulting by mid-July. Two bills authorized a Euros 78 billion (£70 billion) package of budget cuts and asset sales. Under … Continue reading

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