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Of the class struggle and the things we eat

By Esther Vivas Do the rich and poor eat the same? Do our incomes determine our diet? Today, who is overweight? Although often, and from certain quarters, the call for healthy and wholesome food is viewed with disdain, as “a fad” “posh”, “hippy” or “flower power” the reality is rather different than these short-sighted comments … Continue reading

Sliding to the Periphery – Italy, the Crisis and Europe

Europe was meant to offer the prospect of completing the modernisation of Italy, consolidating an advanced economy, expanding welfare and democracy. Instead, there’s been economic decline and a degradation of democracy while Europe is becoming increasingly unpopular, argues Mario Pianta Read 

Spanish banker gets Euros 56 million pension

Its misery for people in Spain these days. Well, most Spaniards, not the likes of Francisco Luzón, a senior executive at Santander bank. Luzón, it emerged this week, has left the country’s largest bank with a pension of Euros 56 million. His retirement nest egg is quite a bit larger than the Euros 860 odd a month … Continue reading

Spanish bankers are having a good crisis

Spanish bankers have boosted their incomes by 50% since 2004 according to a study by Comisiones Obreras, the Spanish trade union central. The most flagrant excesses relate to banks that have received large amounts of public funds, according to union, which heaped much of the blame on supervision failures by the Spanish Central Bank. The … Continue reading

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