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The class struggle intensifies in France

Nearly two thirds of French people see a class struggle being waged in their country, according to a new poll. That’s nearly 20 points up from the late 1960s, according to pollster IFOP . Among the blue collar workers this perception rises to 67%, against 59% for white collar employees. Reacting to the survey results, … Continue reading

The real causes of austerity

By Vincente Navarro The measures being taken to streamline the financial system in the European Union are not resolving the  Great Recession in the European Union. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Spanish economy will decline by 1.5% of GDP, Italy by 2.3%, Portugal by 3%, Greece by 5.2%, the UK by 0.6%, … Continue reading

Spain’s super-rich are having a good crisis

While the majority get poorer, Spain’s super-rich get richer. Fresh evidence of a widening gap between the one percent and the rest. Read my piece on Liberal Conspiracy blog

Popular Wisdom on France’s ‘social summit’

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / HUMANITE Today and tomorrow, government, unions and employers will be deep in debate at a “social summit”. Between the hopes of changing the world of work and employers bracing themselves for the same old recipes, there will be sharp confrontation. Editorial by Paule Masson July 9, 2012 Make efforts to … Continue reading

Capital grabs more wealth than labour in Spain for first time

Capitalists now have for the first time a larger share of the nation’s wealth than workers in Spain, new figures show. ‎More

On the German jobs ‘miracle’

It’s a miracle. 41 million in work, the highest number ever. In January German unemployment fell by 264,000 compared to a year ago, bringing the rate down 6 decimal points to 7.3%. The average unemployment in the region’s most populous nation and largest economy in 2011 was 2.9 million, the lowest level in 20 years. … Continue reading

Sarko’s « shielding the oligarchy from the economic crisis » says radical Melenchon as gulf between rich and poor widens

France has become much more unequal in recent years, new official figures show. The richest 1% have seen their assets swell by 47% between 2004 and 2010, according to national statistics agency, INSEE. The top 1% have « net »  assets of 1.9 million euros, the figures show. The gap between the top 10% and the poorer … Continue reading

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