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Mad Men of the Roundtable

Merkel and Hollande have given key positioning to the European Roundtable of Industrialists and their corporate wish-list. They are set to influence a future Competitiveness Pact – a next step towards authoritarian neoliberalism. Corporate Europe Observatory

The Troika’s Men in Black and the Crime of Organised Money

Continuing to force states to finance themselves at high-interest rates is just a strategy to justify wage control, the privatisation of public services and, ultimately, to enslave peoples, says Juan Torres Lopez Spain has once again received a visit from the so-called Men in Black, the Troika inspectors, coming to elucidate if all is going as … Continue reading

Thousands rally for publicly run health services in Madrid

More than 60,000 health workers and citizens turned out in the streets of Madrid in the fifth mass protest against the privatisation of the capital’s health services since the start of the year. Unions CCOO and UGT and the radical United Left party formed part of the ‘white tide’ rising against the plans of the … Continue reading

929,903 reasons to oppose health privatisation

Over 900,000 Madrileños have rejected plans to privatise state hospitals. In a popular consultation 99%  of those who voted ((or 929,903) said No to proposals by the regional Popular Party government to hand over six hospitals and 27 health centres to privateers. The organizers of the petition, which closed Friday, are members of the ‘White Tide’ of health workers who … Continue reading

Thousands protest in Spain against education cuts, reforms

Unions say up to 70% of Spanish teachers followed a national strike Thursday over cuts, according to El Pais and other Spanish newspapers. Classes in Spain – from kindergarten to university – have been affected by this general strike in education, which is the second in a year, against budget cuts amounting to 6,700 million euros since … Continue reading

Italian lessons on privatisation

Privatisation has benefitted the very few, leading to massive job losses, delivering a bad deal for consumers and sowing the seeds of today’s financial and economic crisis, and yet the process goes on, says Marco Bersani. In an extract from his new book, Bersani surveys the case of Italy, home of one the world’s largest public … Continue reading

Spanish unions call fresh wave of strikes over healthcare privatisation

Spanish unions have launched a prograrmme of rolling strikes in May and early June against the regional government’s plans to privatise health services in Madrid. The unions have called this fresh wave of strikes on May 7, 16, 22, 29 and June 4 Six hospitals are to be privatised by the Popular Party administration in … Continue reading

Margaret Thatcher: the architect of Europe’s crisis

Thatcher introduced to Europe the economic and political model that is now destroying it. Here’s some dedications from critics (from the European mainland) of the late British prime minister, who has received such lavish, and unwarranted praise, in recent days.  French Communist Party: For some she put an end to the “monopoly” of the unions, she … Continue reading

Why Greece must unilaterally suspend repayment of its debt

‘In Greece, the ruling class and the government are destroying democracy,” says debt campaigner Eric Toussaint, who urges SYRIZA to stick to its radical agenda. Translation of an Interview in the Greek press.  CADTM website

European crisis: the real aim is to privatize

What is the European crisis? One answer is that it makes the privatization of public assets inevitable, delivering big profits for private individuals and organizations. As Greece, Spain and Portugal demonstrates. Europe is being sucked into a downward spiral caused by counterproductive measures, while the crisis carries on its slow, relentless work. Families, if they … Continue reading

Fresh privatization push in Europe bucks recent trend as no benefits found

A new privatisation bonanza is underway in southern Europe, with Greece and Portugal leading the way. But recently published research shows the trend in recent years in Europe has been in the opposite direction as it becomes ever clearer that there are no benefits – except for the corporations and fat cats The European economic … Continue reading

Italy: Time to take a radically new political and moral turn

By Dino Greco The carousel of cuts – under the guise of the spending review – has begun to spin. The axe is again lowered on health (a 1.5 billion-euro amputation to spending that had already been reduced to a minimum), help for disabled people, the civil service (with a further three-year block on contracts!) … Continue reading

Spain’s students and their families turn up heat on Rajoy

Rising student fees, regressive education reforms, a €4 billion cut to state education and the firing of thousands of teachers are set to be contested by students and their families as they step up protests in the coming week. Until now, it has been the teachers who have been leading the defence of state education, … Continue reading

The Tea Party in the US (and in Spain)

By Vincent Navarro In the elections to the Catalan Parliament in 2006 in one of the most conservative newspapers in Catalonia, La Vanguardia, a columnist ideologically close to the banks and large employers, interviewed the Socialist candidate, José Montilla, and with great arrogance wondered how a person like him (Mr. Montilla, from a working class … Continue reading

Italy’s heritage for sale

Italy’s government has unveiled a fire sale of some real gems of the country’s heritage. Some 350 historic buildings in the capital and historic towns across the country are to flogged off, including Castello Orsini di Soriano in Cimiano, Palazzo Bolis Gualdo in Milan and Palazzo Diedo in Venice. Euros 42 billion worth of property … Continue reading

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