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Spaniards take to streets of capital over public service cuts

Twenty thousand Spaniards demonstrated in defense of public services this Tuesday evening in the capital Madrid. Comissiones Obreras, UGT and other unions highlighted the negative impact on users of services, from health, where patients face reduced contact time with professional medical staff and longer waiting times, to poorer social care for elderly relatives, reduced emergency … Continue reading

The Troika letter strangling Greece

FROM THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO  The Troika is demanding two huge privatisations immediately, massive sackings in the public sector, enormous employment ‘flexibility’ in the private sector, a new cut to pensions and wages and another mountain of money for the banks ‘Earth and Water’, as in antiquity, was the demand of the Troika (IMF-ECB-European Union) … Continue reading

Protests promised in Portugal over rail fare hikes

PORTUGAL A Plataforma das Comissões de Utentes da Carris, the Platform of Committees of Rail Transport Users, has promised to organise protests in the coming days over sharp rises in fares for rail transport announced by the right wing government of Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho as part of its austerity measures. Public transport prices went … Continue reading

Catalans in fresh protests over spending cuts

Public sector workers marched through Barcelona Wednesday to protest against spending cuts made by the regional government of Catalonia. The protestors marched behind a large black and white banner reading “No to the cuts. Save Public Services”, making their way from the central Plaza Sant Jaume to the Catalan parliament, where MPs were debating the budget for … Continue reading

Italian women in fresh protests

Italian women will be protesting again, in Rome on Sunday: On 13 February a million or more Italian women took the streets and squares of Italy to demonstrate against the misuse and abuse of the female image. The object of their anger then was billionaire prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. “Then the catalyst that got a million … Continue reading

Belgians march against “blind austerity”

Today thousands of Belgians were on the streets demonstrating against a brutal austerity budget and neo-liberal ‘structural reforms’ to pensions and the labour market. The unions called the demonstrations against the measures that are designed to cut the deficit by Euros 11.3 billion in 2012. The FGTB, one of Belgium’s largest unions, says that “Blind … Continue reading

Unions mobilise as France’s jobless top 2.8 million

France’s largest trade union central has called a national demonstration on Saturday to protest against the lengthening jobless queues and in-work poverty amid an escalating national economic and social crisis. The call, part of a step up in action by the country’s unions, came as figures today showed the number of people actively seeking work … Continue reading

“Civil obedience” campaign launched by Italian anti-privatisation protesters

Twenty seven million Italians said No to the sell off the country’s water in a nationwide referendum this summer. But five months after this overwhelming popular rejection of privatisation, it is as if it never happened. The referendum revoked the law that requires an increasing share of local public services be handed over to the … Continue reading

Students to protest against Italy’s new ‘technocratic’ government

Students will lead nationwide protests in Italy today. In Milan protestors against the new ‘technocratic’ Government will head for the Bocconi University, which is headed by the new prime minister Mario Monti. In Rome, there will a march through Piazza Cavour to Piazza Santi Apostoli. The Bank of Italy will be the destination of protests … Continue reading

Is it arrivederci for Silvio?

By Tom Gill Is the game really up for Silvio Berlusconi? Italian MPs will decide tomorrow. A confidence vote is due in the Italian parliament, following a humiliating and wholly unexpected defeat on Tuesday on an essentially technical vote. Significantly Guilio Tremonti, Berlusconi’s Finance minister, and Umberto Bossi, the leader of junior coalition partner, the … Continue reading

Portugal: contra o programa de agressão!

Against impoverishment and injustice, against the programme of aggression! For jobs, wages, pensions and social rights! These are the slogans that will accompany tens of thousands expected on a march in Lisbon and Oporto today to protest against IMF imposed austerity and privatisation programme. The demonstrations, called by the CGTP, the country’s largest trade union central, … Continue reading

Spain’s ‘neo-liberal coup d’etat’

 Spain’s lower parliament has passed draconian legislation enforcing a “balanced budget”. The law, proposed by the governing Socialists and supported by the right-wing opposition Popular Party, is now expected to be passed without delay in the Senate. The law calls for a balanced long-term budget to be enshrined in Spain’s constitution, allowing for the deficit … Continue reading

Italy, austerity and the alternative

Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition Government could today approve sweeping austerity measures demanded by the European Central Bank in return for it helping to finance its debt mountain. A mixture of heavy spending cuts and tax rises, they will depress an already depressed internal market at a time when austerity elsewhere means export markets are struggling too. … Continue reading

“It’s not a crisis, it’s the system”

By Tom Gill  “No es una crisis, es el sistema! (“It’s not a crisis, it’s the system”): this was the key message the indignados sent to their politicians as they returned in their tens of thousands to the centre of Madrid last weekend. Hundreds had arrived after a month long journey on foot from 50 odd towns … Continue reading

Italy’s women are getting organised

By Tom Gill On February 13 Italian women took the political establishment by surprise when they staged mass nationwide protests for dignity and respect. A million donne and their male supporters succeeded, for a day, in highlighting how far their country – once with a thriving feminist movement and now with a prime minister facing charges of … Continue reading

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