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Austerity suicides rise in depression Italy

Italy’s dire economic crisis has led to a 60% rise in suicides, underlying the heavy price people are paying for austerity policies designed to benefit the 1%. In 2012, there are 402 suicides linked to economic problems. This includes 184 business people and 168 unemployed, 35 employees and 8 pensioners. This year alone, in the first … Continue reading

Austerity takes 16 lives in Italy this year

At least 16 people have committed suicide in Italy this year already as a result of pressures due to the economic crisis and the austerity measures introduced in response. The latest victim was a pensioner who just had her  monthly payments cut by €200 to €600. As a result 78-year old Nunzia threw herself off … Continue reading

Unemployment is deadly

750 more people have committed suicides in France since the onset of the economic crisis in 2008, according to Michael Debout, a psychiatrist who is France’s leading expert on the matter. Unemployment grew 648,000 over the same period of 2008-2011. The recession also prompted 10,000 to try and take their lives – suicide attempts increased by 10,780. … Continue reading

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