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Portugal’s PM put in the naughty corner

Oh dear. Pedro had done all that teacher told him and much more. He had tightened his belt not two but three times. He was to sell twice as many family jewels as needed. A more dedicated pupil you could not find. But to no avail. Less than a week after he shined that apple … Continue reading

Spain’s 15-M movement alive and kicking

By Tom Gill Tomorrow Spain’s parliament will hold its traditional ‘state of the nation’ debate. But this year the monopoly of elected politicians over discussing the big questions facing the country has been broken. For less than a mile away from the Cortes, an alternative ‘state of the nation’ debate will be held by ordinary … Continue reading

Spanish steps towards general strike

By Tom Gill If you are holidaying in Spain this year you may learn a couple of new words – huelga general. In the coming days and weeks the Spanish for general strike will be splashed across posters and on the lips of thousands of trade union activists who are campaigning in workplaces, the streets … Continue reading

Berlusconi’s big bust-up

By Tom Gill Is it the beginning of the end for Silvio Berlusconi? Reports of his political death have been much exaggerated before. But this time the odds have decidedly shortened. A string of sex and corruption scandals, attacks on press freedom and a disastrous economy have plagued the billionaire premiere for months. But Berlusconi’s … Continue reading

Elections crown Bossi ‘Re Umberto’

By Tom Gill Despite all his troubles, Italy’s media magnate and premier Silvio Berlusconi pulled off another decisive victory against the opposition in the March local elections. Of the 13 contested regions Berlusconi’s right-wing People of Freedom (PdL) movement won six, a gain of four from the centre-left. The result came as a surprise to … Continue reading

A tricky year ahead

By Tom Gill WHILE most of the Bolognesi were crowding into the shops, piazzas and narrow medieval streets of this northern Italian city making final preparations for Christmas, not all the locals were sharing in the festive spirit. Romano Prodi, a former economics professor at Bologna’s 11th century university and long-time resident, was not his … Continue reading

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