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Italy’s centre left bounces back, but will it last?

Italy’s Grand Coalition is paying dividends for the centre-left Democratic Party. But will it last? Analysis of last weekend’s local elections by Tom Gill in the Morning Star 

Margaret Thatcher: the architect of Europe’s crisis

Thatcher introduced to Europe the economic and political model that is now destroying it. Here’s some dedications from critics (from the European mainland) of the late British prime minister, who has received such lavish, and unwarranted praise, in recent days.  French Communist Party: For some she put an end to the “monopoly” of the unions, she … Continue reading

Metalworkers protest to say “No to layoffs”

The centre of Turin was “invaded” Tuesday by a procession of thousands of blue-collar workers organized by the Fiom union to highlight the crisis hitting the manufacturing sector. In addition to the march,  a dozen factories in the historic car production centre are taking strike action. Italian manufacturing activity shrunk for the 20th straight month … Continue reading

Does Renault have to cut 7,500 French jobs?

French car maker Renault is making its workforce pay for the extreme austerity policies of the French and other EU governments and its multi-billion-euro largesse to shareholders. It aims to cut 7,500 jobs – or 14% of the payroll – in France by 2016, citing falling demand, caused by spending cuts hitting purchasing power across … Continue reading

Fresh French, EU data reveals widening gap between haves and have-nots

In France and in Europe, Poverty and Inequality Grow As Unemployment Rises. More in Humanite

How Rajoy is failing – in ten economic indicators

A year after Mariano Rajoy’s landslide election victory on the night of 20 November the Spanish economy is in a much worse state. Which is not what the right-wing Popular Party (PP) leader leader promised the electorate on the campaign trail. Mariano Rajoy made the economic crisis his springboard to the Moncloa Palace. Although during the election … Continue reading

Italy’s precariat protest as recession continues

‘We are not choosy,’ say a group of ‘precarious’ workers in the latest of a string of protests against the insulting remarks made last month by Italy’s labour minister Elsa Fornero about the country’s struggling unemployed youth. In a gesture protest they ‘cleaned’ streets to show their willingness to engage in useful projects for Naples. A … Continue reading

10,000 strike, march against austerity in Sardinia

Thousands of Sardinian workers took strike action Friday and were joined by students, pensioners and other citizens in a demonstration in the town of Sassari in protest at job losses and factory closures. Participating in the strike called by CGIL, CISL and UIL trade unions were workers from Alcoa aluminium smelter, Italcementi cement producer and … Continue reading

Put ‘Jobs First’ Mr Monti says Italian union as it holds national rally

Workers from Italy’s crisis-hit firms were out in force Saturday at a national rally in central Rome to demand an end to prime minister Mario Monti’s austerity policies that have cost the country hundreds of thousands of jobs and are laying waste to Europe’s second largest manufacturing sector. The day of action, called by Italy’s … Continue reading

Italy’s heritage for sale

Italy’s government has unveiled a fire sale of some real gems of the country’s heritage. Some 350 historic buildings in the capital and historic towns across the country are to flogged off, including Castello Orsini di Soriano in Cimiano, Palazzo Bolis Gualdo in Milan and Palazzo Diedo in Venice. Euros 42 billion worth of property … Continue reading

Portugal: Troika, government blamed for 25% rise in numbers signing on

The number of people signing on at job centres in June in Portugal increased to 645,995, a 24.5% leap compared to a year earlier. That’s a rise of 127,250. The Portuguese Communist Party described the figures as ‘alarming’ and blamed them on Government austerity policies, including a rise in valued added tax and cuts in public investment … Continue reading

The shock doctrine doesn’t work and Greece clearly shows it

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO by Constantinos Dimoulas* The austerity measures imposed on Greece by the Troika are ravaging the economy, which is now in its fifth consecutive year of recession and has sufffered a reduction in gross domestic product exceeding 17%. Meanwhile, there is an unprecedented social catastrophe. The unemployment rate exceeds … Continue reading

Europe between extreme laxity for the few and extreme austerity for the 99%

Austerity suicide appears to be ever closer for the Eurozone as a vicious circle of investor panic leading to fresh drives to reduce public deficits, leading to cuts in growth are met with more investor panic. Earlier this week, bond yields in Spain and Italy were back to near the same stratospheric levels that led … Continue reading

Deporting destitute victims of imperialist intervention and capitalist barbarity

Communists (KKE) on the creation of concentration camps for immigrants in Greece More 

Spain: labour reforms to add 172,000 to jobless queues say Socialists

Easing of firing rules will deepen recession, according to think-tank The labour reforms passed in February by the right wing government of Mariano Rajoy will put a further 103,000-172,000 out of work this year, according to the think tank of the Spanish socialist party. Fundación Ideas found that the reforms, which make it easer and … Continue reading

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