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Cut and Bleeding: Austerity-bitten Spain stands up in fury (RT Video)

Protests against biting spending cuts continue throughout Europe, as people vent their anger over bailout sponsored austerity. Mass demonstrations in Madrid turned to violence earlier this week, as police were forced to fire rubber bullets to calm the fury of the public. There’ve been dozens of injuries and arrests.

The man who could decide the future of Europe

Who is Alexis Tsipras? What is Syriza? Can Greece find a way out of the crisis? A wide–ranging in-depth interview with the leader of the radical left party that could emerge as the largest force in the country’s June 17 elections. The interview was conducted days before the May 6 general elections in Greece.

Nunca más! 75 years since Guernica bombing

75 years since the Nazi bombing of Guernica during Spanish Civil War remembered in a video / photo memorial here

2011 – That was the year that was

A video selection of protest in 2011 across the Continent, involving workers from the public sector and private sector, trade unionists, students, pensioners, anti-fascists, immigrants, men and women, mothers, fathers, feminists, indignados, from Belgium, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain. Strikes, marches, stunts and other forms of protests against austerity, wage freezes, pension cuts, racism, sexism, the banks, the richest and goverrnments … Continue reading

Italy’s 8 million strong precariat

New research has uncovered massive hidden unemployment in Italy and a new army of precarious workers that has ballooned since the onset of the economic crisis. Official figures show unemployment at around 8%, or just over 2 million. But new research by the CGIL trade union confederation puts it at 13% or 3.5 million. The … Continue reading

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