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An age old problem

Forget ageing – capital’s class war against labour is behind the crisis in pensions and welfare worldwide, says Vincent Navarro Thomas Malthus was an economist who believed that the resources of the planet were limited, fixed and constant. Hence he believed that the growth of the population would reach a level that there would not … Continue reading

How Austerity is Hurting Women in Europe – In Numbers

Women are disproportionally affected by austerity cuts because they are society’s main carers, and the main users of public services and welfare recipients, where there have been heavy reductions in budgets; they predominate in low paid, insecure employment, which is expanding, facilitated by labour counter-reforms; because they are heavily employed in the public sector where … Continue reading

Inequality back on the agenda in Germany

A recent opinion poll  revealed that most Germans think top managers in the country’s big companies are paid too much. Three out of four Germans say pay packets were too large… Read on at Left Foot Forward 

Austerity swells Spain’s precariat by two million

Spain’s precariat has swollen to more than 20.6 million – or  43.74% of the population, thanks to rising unemployment, wage and welfare cuts, according to the tax officials’ union. Since 2007, austerity and neo-liberal reforms have meant two million more Spaniards live in households with incomes of less than 12,000 euros a year, finds a … Continue reading

An Answer to Italy’s Forgotten Southern Question

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO By Tonino Perna In the 1960s and 1970s reports by the Association for the Development of Industry in the South (Svimez) on the health of the Mezzogiorno were followed with great attention and aroused a great political debate. Pasquale Saraceno, passionate president of Svimez, was exalted or depressed … Continue reading

Europe needs wage cuts, but…

The last time I looked, Portuguese wages were the lowest in Western Europe. So says the official Eurostat data: But the Bank of Portugal doesn’t reckon they are low enough Why? Apparently ‘unit labour costs’ – the ratio of the cost of workers (including social security costs) per unit of output – have increased over … Continue reading

Portugal strike over wage, holiday cuts paralyses trains

Portugal: a strike by train drivers and ticket guards paralyzed all passenger and freight trains Thursday. The strike, called over cuts to wages, rest days and holidays to be introduced under the right-wing government’s austerity plan, will also cause some disruption to services on Friday. According to unions, further strikes are planned in June in the Lisbon and … Continue reading

French Fat Cat Feeding Frenzy Continues

Gruel for the masses, cream for the lucky few. A familiar tale. Inequality of wealth, and the greed and excess of France’s 1% was a significant theme in the French Presidential election. The highest paid executives of the top 40 listed companies in France had been provided with a slap up 39 million-euro meal for … Continue reading

What rise will Germany’s workers get? Not 8.7%. That’s for CEOs

Friday is supposed to be crunch day in talks between unions and employers over public sector pay. Verdi, one of the largest trade unions in Germany, earlier this month rejected an offer of a 3.3% pay rise staggered over two years for around two million public sector workers. Its claim was for a 6.5% pay … Continue reading

Portuguese workers strike against ‘social terrorism’

Workers turned out en masse Thursday for the second 24-hour general strike in recent months, called by the General Confederation of the Portuguese Workers (CGTP) against ‘social terrorism’. Ordinary Portuguese protested against the government’s economically suicidal austerity measures imposed by the ‘troika’ of the European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). … Continue reading

Real wages fall in the Eurozone as inflation outstrips incomes.

Real wages fall in the Eurozone as inflation outstrips incomes. More

While nation states and workers burn, the banks get a trillion euros

Belgian unions have criticised a fresh round of austerity measures announced over the weekend by the federal government as a missed opportunity for ‘tax justice’. The government already plans as part of a €11.3 billion cuts package  agreed when the current administration took office at the end of 2011 to increase the retirement age from … Continue reading

Greek tragedy befalls French cabin crew

French airline Air Méditerranée is sacking 85 workers and wants French based pilots and cabin crew to be hired on cheaper contracts by its recently established Greek subsidiary Hermès Airlines. Moving onto Greek contracts means a 30% pay cut. A flight attendant currently on Euros 1,200 a month would now get Euros 900. The chief steward … Continue reading

Public sector excess swamped by private greed

Public sector managers have become, like other elements of Italy’s political-bureaucratic ‘casta’, a target of public anger at a time when jobs are being slashed, wages frozen and living costs soaring.    Take Antonio Manganelli, head of the police, on Euros 621,000 a year, compared to an average income in the country of Euros 1,286. … Continue reading

Austerity is not working and will not work, say Europe’s trade unions

The European Trade Union Confederation sets out  the alternatives to the Troika’s diktat as the latest figures confirm the Eurozone has entered recession More

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