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The Economics of Macron before Macron

Emmanuel Macron’s ideas are not so new, says Gilles Raveaud.  One can’t be too sure, but hazarding a guess, I’d say the French President’s labour market reforms date from 1994. 1994 was a long time ago…This is the year when the cyclist Francesco Moser beat the Hour world record (for the second time), Pinochet was … Continue reading

Filthy Rich – Europe billionaires wealthier than ever

Europe’s fifty richest people have become 153 billion dollars wealthier over the past year, with a total net worth rising to 754 billion dollars. That rise – about three billion dollars each on average – is equivalent to five billion dollars for each of the 28 EU member states or 300 dollars per person across … Continue reading

The relevance of the October Revolution to Europe today

The October Revolution is the most important revolution of the modern era. And for now, at least, it should gives us cause for optimism, says Giorgio Cremaschi. In the Bolshevik Revolution the social question and the rejection of war took power in Russia, beginning a momentous journey to liberate humanity. Despite the mistakes and horrors … Continue reading

Sicily poll: what’s at stake locally?

Sicilians are going to the polls today in what is the last electoral test before general elections next year. A right-wing alliance led by three time PM and billionaire tax fraud convict Silvio Berlusconi was seen to be slightly ahead of Beppe Grillo’s Five Star movement, with the ‘centre-left’ Democrats trailing in third place thanks … Continue reading

France’s public servants: too many, too expensive, too often off sick?

Christian Chavagneux challenges the assumptions behind Macron’s drive to downsize France’s public sector.  On 16 October, at the end of his meeting with the public service unions, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, said he had already met them 37 times since taking office. The dialogue exists, but it is mostly a … Continue reading

Veneto and Lombardy’s autonomy referenda unpicked

Italians in the Veneto and Lombardy have just voted in non-binding referenda for more autonomy. Giorgio Cremaschi argues they are a fig leaf for a hollowing out of democracy and will drive privatisation. The same political forces that are opposing each other nationally for the government of the country and who clash over the new … Continue reading

The Abuse of Overtime: Case of Spain

Spanish workers three and a half million hours of unpaid overtime a week –  equivalent to more than one hundred thousand jobs in a country with over 17% unemployment. The opposition is pushing for a new law that will expose individual firms for exploiting their workforce in this way, says Vincente Clavero The effects of … Continue reading

Catalonia: The problems and errors of the independence movement

By Vincenc Navarro* Catalonia is experiencing the greatest social and political crisis, and soon also economic crisis since the democracy returned to Spain. I have previously written on the dimensions of the great social crisis in Catalonia, the greatest in this century and the end of the previous one (“El mayor problema que tiene hoy … Continue reading

Spendthrift Italy: The Case of the Afghan Adventure

Italy’s mission in Afghanistan costs € 1.3 million per day.  Starting October 7, 2001, to date there have been few positive results. And the Taliban control half the country. By Enrico Piovesana Seven billion and a half euros over sixteen years, or nearly half a billion a year, one million three hundred thousand euros a … Continue reading

Macron unites unions as public sector strike hits France

When French President Emmanuel Macron’s secured his sweeping majority of the Elysee Palace and parliament in May and June, it was said that only the unions had a chance of checking his power. So this week’s show of unity and strength by public sector unions – after months of squabbling – will have him worried.  … Continue reading

Catalonia: Towards a unilateral declaration of independence?

Both governments are fuelling the fire, one with a unilateral declaration of independence, the other with the use of the iron fist. An impasse that could have heavy consequences for everyone. The  Catalan crisis is a deterioration of the crisis of the state in Spain. And it can only be solved by renewing the constitutional … Continue reading

Growth and jobs: the propaganda of the Italian government

Italy’s growth and industrial production are rising, official unemployment is falling and the government is celebrating, but the overwhelming majority of new hires are temporary and part-time. Giorgio Cremaschi on how ‘reforms’ have swollen the Italian precariat. Matteo Renzi and Paolo Gentiloni – the former the predecessor to the latter as Italian PM – boast … Continue reading

Barcelona terror attack: what they are not telling us

By Vicenç Navarro In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, ​​many very useful articles have been published, briefly explaining the origin of the Islamic state and its expansion, which is remarkable since the invasion of Iraq by the US army and its allies, including Spain. What is important to underline is that over … Continue reading

Italy’s Water Crisis is a Private Affair

The most symbolic evidence of the water crisis facing Italy this summer was the dry fountains in Saint Peter’s Square. Visiting tourists or pilgrims found not a drop of water flowing in the two fontane by 17th-century sculptors Carlo Maderno and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Sky-high temperatures have crippled farms and left Rome considering water rationing. … Continue reading

France and Germany drop the mask: behind ‘Europeanism’ lurks nationalism

Enrico Grazzini on President Macron’s moves to block an Italian takeover of a major French shipbuilder and how the subordination of Italian governments to Europe are reducing Italy to ‘Third World’ status European ideals mask the nationalist interests of the powerful. French President Emmanuel Macron decided to nationalize Stx, France’s largest naval shipyard, just in … Continue reading

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