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The coherence of Tsipras and lessons for Italy

By Giorgio Cremaschi If the new Greek government begins now to live up to his election programme by establishing the minimum wage to 750 euro per month Germany’s Merkel-SPD government will close the door to any negotiations on the debt. In fact, with the “reforms” that have made the German model to the whole continent, … Continue reading

Beating the rip off supermarkets – French style

Supermarkets squeeze small farmers while ripping off consumers to fill the pockets of shareholders and pay huge salaries to executives. It is a familiar story. In France last week, unions and the Communist Party, were out in town squares and public places as part of a campaign to fight back. In Paris and in 25 … Continue reading

The Crisis – An Avalanche of Lies

Even in Italy we are starting to hear the voices of ‘dissident’ scholars questioning the official dogmas about the causes of the recession and ways to get out of it By Francesco Colonna Public spending? It is not the main problem. Rather it is the private debt of banks and businesses. The recipe for getting out of … Continue reading

The Mediterranean Question

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO The joint action in southern Europe this week teaches us that no one can save themselves alone. The movements that are opposed to neoliberalism must seriously address the ‘Mediterranean question’, says Tonino Perna Not all days are the same, there are some special days that are remembered because they … Continue reading

New network of economists launches European rescue plan

A new European Progressive Economists Network has launched a radical plan to rescue the Continent from austerity and the terror of finance with a democratic and green model of development that brings the banks under social control and promotes public services. The network includes Belgium’s Econosphères, Spain’s Econonuestra, France’s Economistes Atterrés and Italy’s Sbilanciamoci! and … Continue reading

Why the Eurostrike?

By Vincent Navarro The ruling Conservative and liberal parties, both in Spain and in most European Union countries, including the Eurozone, are implementing policies that result in: 1) labour reforms that reduce wages and increase unemployment, 2) the shrinking of the labour force, 3) reduction of social protection, 4) social spending cuts, 5) the privatization of … Continue reading

Protectionism, free trade and neo-populism

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / MICROMEGA Interview with Emiliano Brancaccio The mission that  Emiliano Brancaccio – the brilliant Neapolitan economist – has given himself seems difficult. None other than breaking a taboo that has been created around the doctrine of free trade. His thesis is that with the crisis of capitalist globalization, new forms of … Continue reading


By Vincente Navarro Given the enormous financial and economic crisis prevailing in Spain, there are three alternatives. One is to continue the austerity policies of the Popular Party government, following the instructions of the European Council (dominated by conservatives and liberals) of the European Commission (the clear conservative neoliberal orientation) and the European Central Bank … Continue reading

An Answer to Italy’s Forgotten Southern Question

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO By Tonino Perna In the 1960s and 1970s reports by the Association for the Development of Industry in the South (Svimez) on the health of the Mezzogiorno were followed with great attention and aroused a great political debate. Pasquale Saraceno, passionate president of Svimez, was exalted or depressed … Continue reading

Four fairer ways for Portugal to close budget gap

The Portuguese government has caused outrage by proposals to raid the incomes of workers through a massive hike in social security contributions. This was massively unfair given the heavy burden already placed in a string of previous austerity budgets on middle and low incomes in the country and especially because it came as social security … Continue reading

Industrial death in Italy

Italy has paid heavily for embracing the laissez faire approach for its economy. Amid a dramatic collapse of manufacturing industry, it needs to drop the Anglo-Saxon model and draw some lessons from its own industrial past. Mine occupations, blockades of roads, air and sea ports, and attempted suicides, this summer saw the most dramatic protests yet in a … Continue reading

Spain: tax officials’ union details alternative to spending cuts

Introduce a wealth tax, raise corporate tax and reduce the black economy: these are some of the proposed alternatives to cuts unveiled by the union of Spain’s tax officials Wednesday. Cuts to the pay and benefits of public sector workers were announced last week as part of a new round of austerity measures planned by … Continue reading

Just why is Peugeot Citroën closing Aulnay-sous-Bois?

PSA Peugeot Citroen boss Philippe Varin is not a popular man. His decision to cut 8,000 jobs and close a factory in France has rightly provoked shock and outrage in France. The “restructuring” plan involves the closure of and loss of 3,000 posts at the PSA factory and production line at Aulnay-sous-Bois in the Paris … Continue reading

Creating a sustainable future for Spain’s mining communities

The miners have taken to the streets because the Popular Party government is not fulfilling its commitments to the mining sector under a five-year Plan for Coal agreement signed between government and unions last year. Aid to mining companies in this year’s budget was cut to 111 million euros from 301 million euros in 2011. These … Continue reading

Proposals for another Europe

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO By Rossana Rossanda Those who participated in the development of Another Road for Europe,  proposed by Sbilanciamoci and with the collaboration of Il Manifesto, will gather in Brussels, near the European Parliament Thursday. There will be different groups, associations, movements, along with many experts, who have worked not … Continue reading

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