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Spain: We must mobilise! It affects us all, says union

By Cándido Méndez On October 7, we have to speak out to tell the government that enough is enough! Of an economic policy that comprises only cuts to social and labour rights and involves more recession and unemployment. An erroneous and unfair policy, written across the 2013 State Budget, which weighs into the social majority … Continue reading

Spanish, German unions call for ‘new start’ for Europe

The chairman of Germany’s DGB trade union central Michael Sommer, and his counterparts from Spain’s Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) and UGT, Candido Mendez and Ignacio Fernandez Toxo, gathered in Madrid Thursday, as Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a visit to the country, and issued a joint statement: 1. The austerity measures and ultraliberal structural reforms, imposed … Continue reading

Spanish unions kick off campaign to stop health cuts

Spanish unions kicked off a rolling programme of protest  actions on Thursday to highlight an accelerating health emergency in the country. The actions by healthworkers, which are designed not to disrupt services to patients, will kick off in Madrid and then roll out across the country. The right wing government of Mariano Rajoy recently unveiled a €7 … Continue reading

EU wants to ‘impose more unemployment and deeper recession’ on Spain say unions

Crisis leads to poverty: EU-imposed austerity policies have sent Spain and the whole region into recession, say unions The EU is ‘stubbornly’ continuing  ‘evidently failed policies’ that are ‘causing devastating effects on employment and on the level of poverty and social cohesion in Spain as well as many other countries in the EU.’ This was … Continue reading

1.5 million Spaniards say No to cuts and labour reforms

A million and a half Spaniards took to the streets of sixty Spanish cities today to protest against labour market deregulation and spending cuts. Unions estimated the numbers turning out in Madrid alone to be half a million with large numbers marching in provincial capitals as well as smaller urban centres. This is the latest … Continue reading

Spaniards take to streets of capital over public service cuts

Twenty thousand Spaniards demonstrated in defense of public services this Tuesday evening in the capital Madrid. Comissiones Obreras, UGT and other unions highlighted the negative impact on users of services, from health, where patients face reduced contact time with professional medical staff and longer waiting times, to poorer social care for elderly relatives, reduced emergency … Continue reading

Real wages to fall 5% in Spain as unprecedented deficit cuts loom

Wages will fall 5% in real terms in Spain this year thanks a freeze in the minimum wage and price increases, according to Comisiones Obreras trade union confederation. Suggestions that wages were too high were not backed by the evidence as seven million workers earned “significantly less” than 1000 euros a month, said General Secretary … Continue reading

Spain losing 1,000 jobs a day

IN BRIEF / SPAIN 1,000 jobs a day are being lost, with end of year losses showing a collapse in employment spreading from construction to all key sectors of the economy. In December there were 240,590 more out of work in services, 19,132 more in agriculture, 22,861 more in construction and 17,832 more unemployed in … Continue reading

Protests over education cuts will continue promise unions

SPAIN – Tens of thousands marched in Madrid Saturday 18 December against cuts by the right-wing regional government to state education, capping four months of protests and nine days of strikes this year. The education unions CCOO, UGT y STEM that organised the demonstrations promised more actions in the New Year. The Madrid regional government, … Continue reading

Spanish bankers are having a good crisis

Spanish bankers have boosted their incomes by 50% since 2004 according to a study by Comisiones Obreras, the Spanish trade union central. The most flagrant excesses relate to banks that have received large amounts of public funds, according to union, which heaped much of the blame on supervision failures by the Spanish Central Bank. The … Continue reading

Spain’s ‘neo-liberal coup d’etat’

 Spain’s lower parliament has passed draconian legislation enforcing a “balanced budget”. The law, proposed by the governing Socialists and supported by the right-wing opposition Popular Party, is now expected to be passed without delay in the Senate. The law calls for a balanced long-term budget to be enshrined in Spain’s constitution, allowing for the deficit … Continue reading

Spain on the brink

By Tom Gill First it was Greece and Ireland, but in recent weeks it has been Spain that pundits say may be forced to seek a bailout. The Spanish government says it won’t happen. And to further reassure the financial markets, it is pushing ahead with a massive austerity programme aimed at halving the public … Continue reading

Spanish steps towards general strike

By Tom Gill If you are holidaying in Spain this year you may learn a couple of new words – huelga general. In the coming days and weeks the Spanish for general strike will be splashed across posters and on the lips of thousands of trade union activists who are campaigning in workplaces, the streets … Continue reading

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