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Portugal’s poll-leading Socialists propose making pensioners pay for ‘anti-austerity’ budget if elected

Portugal’s socialists have come under fire for proposals that would see pensioners pay for their plans to ‘turn the page on austerity’ if they are elected in general elections in the autumn. “There is an alternative, it’s possible to turn the page on austerity and have better economic results,” Socialist leader Antonio Costa said, Reuters … Continue reading

Against the theft of wages and pensions!

‘Everyone in Lisbon against the theft of wages, pensions and the reforms!” This is the slogan of major protests to be held today in the Portuguese capital that have been organised by the CGTP union. Together with the country’s largest trade union confederation there will be activists behind the one million strong rallies on September 15, … Continue reading

Portugal’s protest movement unites to fight cuts

Portugal’s anti-austerity protest this Saturday promises to be another big one after the organisers that brought as many as a million into the streets on September 15 swung behind the demonstrations and rallies planned by the CGTP trade union central. The signatories of the manifesto ‘Fuck the troika! We want our lives!’  (see below) are … Continue reading

Portugal’s Optimistic PM ‘on another planet’

Portugal’s prime minister is ‘living on another planet’ unions said this week after Carlos Passos Coelho predicted that investment in the crisis-hit economy would bounce back next year. The right-wing premier’s upbeat assessment of the country’s prospects came after fresh data showed unemployment has hit a record 15% in the second quarter, and the country’s … Continue reading

Fresh anti-austerity protests hit Portugal

Thousands marched in Lisbon Saturday against the austerity measures of the right wing prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho. The protest, organised by the CGTP trade union confederation, follows marches and rallies in the country’s second largest city, Oporto, last weekend. Calling for a mobilisation ‘against exploitation and impoverishment’ , the CGTP was also demonstrating its … Continue reading

Tens of thousands march in Portugal against austerity

30,000 portuguese marched Saturday in Portugal’s second biggest city of Oporto demanding a change in the right-wing government’s austerity policies. The demonstration was organised by the CGTP union, which has 600,000 members. General Secretary Armenio Carlos slammed the government for ignoring the ‘the dramatic conditions millions faced’ in Portugal and described the policies promoted in … Continue reading

Portugal: Protests held over health service cuts

Health service users and workers protested in 13 Portuguese cities against cuts and new user charges introduced by the right wing government of Pedro Passos Coelho. Protests started late Friday in the southern Algarve region and rolled out across the country, including the capital Lisbon, throughout Saturday. Organised by the CGTP trade union central and … Continue reading

Portuguese workers strike against ‘social terrorism’

Workers turned out en masse Thursday for the second 24-hour general strike in recent months, called by the General Confederation of the Portuguese Workers (CGTP) against ‘social terrorism’. Ordinary Portuguese protested against the government’s economically suicidal austerity measures imposed by the ‘troika’ of the European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). … Continue reading

Rally against austerity, labour reforms ‘historic’ say Portuguese communists

Today’s rally against austerity and regressive labour ‘reforms’ in Lisbon was an ‘historic event,’ the biggest in terms of popular support for over 30 years, according to Jerónimo de Sousa, general secretary of the Portuguese Communist Party. The turn-out, estimated at 300,000 by the trade union confederation, CGTP, showed that the communists were correct to … Continue reading

They call it ‘competitiveness’, but it’s ‘brutal exploitation’: new leader of Portugal’s CGTP union

IN THE RADICAL THE PRESS / IL MANIFESTO Ahead of a national demonstration on February 11,  the new leader of  Portugal’s main union confederation, Armenio Carlos, explains why he opposes the country’s recent  labour market reforms, why the public debt must be renegotiated and of the importance of ‘giving hope that a different politics is … Continue reading

Portugal labour reforms are ‘a return to feudalism’, says CGTP

Labour reforms agreed Wednesday by Portugal’s second-largest trade union confederation UGT signify ‘a return to feudalism’, according to the largest union confederation, CGTP, which opposed them. Part of right-wing premier Passos Coelho’s austerity plans designed to placate the IMF and EU, the labour ‘reforms’ included a reduction of annual holidays, a deregulation of working hours, and rules making … Continue reading

Portugal’s precariat revealed in new data

PORTUGAL- Most young people under 25 earn less than €500, new figures show. More than half of Portuguese young people under 25 earn less than €500 a month, as do a quarter of those between 25 and 34 years old, mainly because of unstable jobs and poor qualifications, CGTP trade union said According to the … Continue reading

Portugal’s general strike. Why workers are back on the streets again

Portugal’s premier Passos Coelho was elected in June promising that deep and rapid spending cuts would turn things around for Portugal. The chances of him delivering were slim. The people had chucked out the Socialists because they had promised the same miraculous recovery through the same austere economic medicine, and failed to cure the ailing … Continue reading

Portugal: contra o programa de agressão!

Against impoverishment and injustice, against the programme of aggression! For jobs, wages, pensions and social rights! These are the slogans that will accompany tens of thousands expected on a march in Lisbon and Oporto today to protest against IMF imposed austerity and privatisation programme. The demonstrations, called by the CGTP, the country’s largest trade union central, … Continue reading

Portugal’s PM put in the naughty corner

Oh dear. Pedro had done all that teacher told him and much more. He had tightened his belt not two but three times. He was to sell twice as many family jewels as needed. A more dedicated pupil you could not find. But to no avail. Less than a week after he shined that apple … Continue reading

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