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Greece’s new government, Tsipras and the issue of sovereignty

Why did Syriza choose the Independent Greeks as coalition partner? And how will the other Eurozone countries react to the new Government in Athens? Jacques Sapir explains Syriza has won and secured 149 seats in the Greek parliament. Alexis Tsipras, its charismatic leader, is the big winner of the elections this Sunday, January 25th. Many people … Continue reading

The German Chancellor and Grexit

By Jacques Sapir A Greek exit from the Euro, following the election on 25 January, is no longer unthinkable, Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted in the German weekly “Der Spiegel” on Saturday.  This is an important statement, which can be analyzed in two different ways, neither of which are opposed to the other. The first reading … Continue reading

What’s not been said about the new BRICS bank

Vicenç Navarro* The history of disasters (and there is no other way to define the consequences of their policies) created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is long. This institution, which in its current configuration aims to defend the interests of finance capital (ie the banks) at the expense of the interests of the countries supposedly … Continue reading

The recovery will come, but it will not redress the social imbalance

By Fondazione Condividere For a few weeks now I have seen many senior figures in Italy’s Letta government, but also European institutions, waving their arms to indicate the arrival of an imminent recovery in the horizon, with the same anxiety of Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” when waiting for the ship that will save him … Continue reading

Is Europe’s economy recovering?

By Juan Torres López The media tell us that the latest data from Eurostat indicate that Europe is out of recession and that the economy is finally recovering, because the statistics recorded positive GDP growth of 0.3% in the euro area during the second quarter. Obviously the fact that the figures show that there has … Continue reading

European debt mutualisation – good or bad?

Spreading the debt burden and borrowing costs away from the eurozone’s worst-hit economies towards the stronger ones – sounds like a good and fair idea. Think again. Corporate Europe Observatory on why debt mutualisation is not progressive solution for the European debt crisis

The 8 big lies Mario Draghi told Spain’s parliament

By Eduardo Garzon On Tuesday 12 February 2013, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, stood before Spain’s parliament to explain the actions of the ECB in the Eurozone. Leaving aside the shameful and undemocratic fact of a closed hearing (and how absurd it was, because then the speech was published on … Continue reading

Protectionism, free trade and neo-populism

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / MICROMEGA Interview with Emiliano Brancaccio The mission that  Emiliano Brancaccio – the brilliant Neapolitan economist – has given himself seems difficult. None other than breaking a taboo that has been created around the doctrine of free trade. His thesis is that with the crisis of capitalist globalization, new forms of … Continue reading

France: 120 Economists Say No to the European budget treaty!

Next week, France’s National Assembly, the lower house of parliament, will vote to ratify the European treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance , otherwise known by critics as the Permanent Austerity Treaty. Below in a statement published in Le Monde this week, 120 economists say why they reject it. Since 2008, the European Union (EU) has … Continue reading

Mario Draghi or the Pyromaniac Firefighter

IN THE RADICAL PRESS /  MEMOIRE DES LUTTES By Jacques Sapir Measures taken by the European Central Bank (ECB) on 6 September favourably influenced markets. But this enthusiasm will be short lived. Far from alleviating the euro zone in the long term, they may, at best, bring it a very temporary respite. The crisis of … Continue reading

Radical Left Melenchon calls for mutiny against Hollande

French radical left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon has called for a mutiny by Socialist Party ministers disenchanted with the policies of President Francois Hollande. Melenchon, a former Socialist minister who left the party and stood against Hollande as a candidate of the radical  Left Front in the presidential elections this year, said ministers who opposed Hollande’s … Continue reading

European Summit: Monti wins, the Italian people lose, and austerity and recession continue

The latest ‘crunch’ EU Summit on 28-29 June has landed citizens with a huge bill to bail out the banks yet again, argue Italy’s communists. But it will not end speculation against the Euro nor the blackmail of financial markets, forcing governments to continue pursuing failed austerity policies. Paolo Ferrero, leader of Italy’s Communist Refoundation … Continue reading

Another Road for Europe – An Appeal

Europe is in crisis because it has been hijacked by neoliberalism and finance. In the last twenty years – with a persistent democratic deficit – the meaning of the European Union has increasingly been reduced to a narrow view of the single market and the single currency, leading to liberalisations and speculative bubbles, loss of … Continue reading

Proposals for another Europe

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO By Rossana Rossanda Those who participated in the development of Another Road for Europe,  proposed by Sbilanciamoci and with the collaboration of Il Manifesto, will gather in Brussels, near the European Parliament Thursday. There will be different groups, associations, movements, along with many experts, who have worked not … Continue reading

Italy passes hire and fire labour ‘reforms’ but no hope of jobs or growth

The government of Mario Monti has passed labour ‘reforms’ that will make it easier for employers to fire workers. The vote, after months of haggling in parliament, came as workers and their unions protested against the measures that seek to dump the costs of an escalating crisis of the global banking sector and the Euro … Continue reading

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