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Italy: Business as usual (actually it’s even worse)

By Francesco Piobbichi Business as usual. European Central Bank Mario Draghi was the real election victor and his victory will allow him to run the country for another six months, on autopilot . The autopilot Draghi was talking about is nothing other than the set of rules laid down by the treaties (Fiscal Compact) recently … Continue reading

Grillonomics: the ideas behind the Italy’s no.1 political party

Beppe Grillo and his Five Star Movement have emerged as the single largest party in Italy’s elections held 24-25 February. But what do we know of his policies? Here’s a recent analysis by economist Vladimiro Giacché: In dealing with the economic programme of the Five Star Movement we should first clear up in advance possible misunderstandings. … Continue reading

Don’t vote for ABC!

Giorgio Cremaschi* on the local elections in Italy on May 6-7 In the midst of economic and social crisis and the devastation of the rights and future of workers and unemployed, local elections have suddenly appeared. Viewed from the point of view of social reality, there’s something fraudulent about them. The Democratic Party, the centrist … Continue reading

A covert war against women in the workplace

They are the hidden victims of a backward, chauvinist capitalist class, enemy number 1 in a covert war in the workplace. Some 800,000  women are forced out of their jobs every year by unscrupulous and deceitful employers, new official figures show. It is a national scandal known forced resignations, and it works like this: New recruits … Continue reading

Tax the rich, says Italian trade union

CGIL, Italy’s largest trade union confederation, has called on the country’s new prime minister Mario Monti to introduce a wealth tax. The tax would hit only affect the top richest 5% in Italy, with assets of 800,000 euros or more, and raise 18 billion euros (£15.4 billion) annually for the Treasury. Taking a similar French tax … Continue reading

Berlusconi and Italy’s ‘financial coup’

By Tom Gill Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi sees conspiracies everywhere. The ‘Communists’ –  not the real ones as these are thin on the ground these days – can be found in parliament, in the international press, and above all in the judiciary. The ‘Red Magistrates’ are hounding him in court cases over corruption, tax fraud, abuse of … Continue reading

Catholic Church should share the pain too

If there is one positive thing that has emerged from the economic and debt crisis in Italy is a wide-ranging public debate about who should pay for it. Nothwithstanding the efforts to repress an intelligent exchange of ideas by the private and state TV – controlled by billionaire media magnate premier Silvio Berlusconi –  anyone … Continue reading

Italian protest against “Social Butchery”

Tomorrow Italy’s streets are expected to swell with protests at the Italian Government’s austerity measures. The general strike, called by the CGIL, the country’s largest trade union central, comes amid growing political instability in Rome. The Governing coalition is badly split over plans to cut the budget deficit and premier Silvio Berlusconi himself is mired … Continue reading

Migrant workers stand up for their rights

Last weekend one hundred and fifty tomato pickers in the southern Italian region of Puglia walked off the job. The workers, African immigrants, had been labouring for 10 hours a day in back breaking conditions for a mere 20 euros (17 pounds) a day. They were getting paid 3.5 euros a “cassatone”, a 100 kg crate. … Continue reading

Italy’s migrant workers stand up for their rights

Last weekend one hundred and fifty tomato pickers in the southern Italian region of Puglia walked off the job.   The workers, African immigrants, had been labouring for 10 hours a day in back breaking conditions for a mere 20 euros (17 pounds) a day. They were getting paid 3.5 euros a “cassatone”, a 100 kg … Continue reading

Italy’s women are getting organised

By Tom Gill On February 13 Italian women took the political establishment by surprise when they staged mass nationwide protests for dignity and respect. A million donne and their male supporters succeeded, for a day, in highlighting how far their country – once with a thriving feminist movement and now with a prime minister facing charges of … Continue reading

Another bail-out of European banks

Another week, another round of austerity – and another bail-out of the banks in Europe. Greece’s parliament this week passed austerity measures linked to the receipt of crucial bailout funds to prevent the government from defaulting by mid-July. Two bills authorized a Euros 78 billion (£70 billion) package of budget cuts and asset sales. Under … Continue reading

Italians say No! to Privatisation

By Tom Gill Water privatisation has been imposed on people across the globe, from Armenia to the UK. It has been hugely unpopular but people have rarely been asked whether they want their water – a common good for all – to be used to profit a few. Italian citizens have had just such an … Continue reading

Italians fire warning shot

By Tom Gill Thursday 19 May 2011 Italy’s premier Silvio Berlusconi called them a national referendum on his rule. If that’s the case, the local elections held in towns and cities across the country on May 15 and 16 were a massive No vote. The prime minister’s People of Liberty party and his main coalition … Continue reading

Berlusconi’s big bust-up

By Tom Gill Is it the beginning of the end for Silvio Berlusconi? Reports of his political death have been much exaggerated before. But this time the odds have decidedly shortened. A string of sex and corruption scandals, attacks on press freedom and a disastrous economy have plagued the billionaire premiere for months. But Berlusconi’s … Continue reading

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