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Sarkozy 2.0? 

By Jacques Sapir Nicolas Sarkozy has just announced his “return to politics” as if he had actually quit. This is not surprising or unusual. We know the man to be a “political animal.” One suspects he is devoured by ambition, unable to accommodate the distance, sometimes, however, necessary between immediate action and salutary reflection. Yet … Continue reading

Why President Hollande will need to embrace Melenchon’s spirit of rebellion

The Socialists are set to wrest back the Elysée Palace from the Right after a gap of 17 years in Sunday’s Presidential poll. Francois Hollande has maintained a consistent and comfortable lead over Nicolas Sarkozy in opinion polls and the incumbent’s increasingly desperate swing to the far right appears to have failed to shore up … Continue reading

Pressure builds on Sarkozy as he ‘crosses red line’ on Le Pen

A high profile anti-racist campaign group has ‘decided to call for a vote against Nicolas Sarkozy in the second round of the Presidential election.’ SOS Racism stated Wednesday that ‘in declaring that Le Pen is compatible with the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy has crossed a line that no President of the Republic or any republican candidate in a Presidential … Continue reading

Sarko the thief has been unmasked

On Jean Luc Melenchon and  ‘reinventing politics’.  Humanite interviews Christian Salmon of the Writers’ Parliament on the Left Front’s novel Presidential campaign more in Humanite

Greek tragedy befalls French cabin crew

French airline Air Méditerranée is sacking 85 workers and wants French based pilots and cabin crew to be hired on cheaper contracts by its recently established Greek subsidiary Hermès Airlines. Moving onto Greek contracts means a 30% pay cut. A flight attendant currently on Euros 1,200 a month would now get Euros 900. The chief steward … Continue reading

Factory occupation highlights France’s manufacturing meltdown

Hundreds of workers occupied Monday the factory of ArcelorMittal in Florange in the north of France after it was announced that the temporary closure would be prolonged for a further three months. The workers entered the steel factory shouting ‘Mittal, we want to work’. ‘We won’t leave the factory until the furnaces are started again,’ … Continue reading

Sarkozy wants to drive a wedge between employed and jobless

Does France’s President elect want to get rid of unemployment or jobseekers themselves? l’Humanite

Sarko’s decision to stand again is ‘good news’ says France’s radical left

Nicolas Sarkozy’s announcement on French TV tonight that he would be standing in Presidential elections  this April and May was ‘good news, as he can be beaten’ said Pierre Laurent, national secretary of the French Communist Party. The widely expected decision will see Sarkozy face the Socialist’s Francois Hollande, currently ahead in the polls; leader of … Continue reading

How Paris is trying to put a stop to meddling magistrates

L’Humanité on why the French state is trying to silence two judges. More

All Rousseau’s Fault !

On Rousseau, Sarkozy and the People – read more in l’Humanité

France’s Left Front on the Presidential campaign trail

L’Humanite newspaper on a workplace meeting demonstrating the deepening ties between the radical Left Front and the French labour movement More

Sarkozy and the Great Hold-Up

Sarkozy’s plans to privatise social security: analysis by communist newspaper l’Humanité. More 

On Sarkozy and France in 2011 – and what must be done in 2012

FROM THE RADICAL PRESS – HUMANITE (FRANCE ) 2011 was supposed to be “useful to the French” Nicolas Sarkozy assured us on TV some 12 months ago. France was to “reconnect with employment”. Which, since the 2007 Presidential election, has been on a downward curve, punctuated by “social plans” (mass redundancies) and relocations of [French] … Continue reading

Sarko’s « shielding the oligarchy from the economic crisis » says radical Melenchon as gulf between rich and poor widens

France has become much more unequal in recent years, new official figures show. The richest 1% have seen their assets swell by 47% between 2004 and 2010, according to national statistics agency, INSEE. The top 1% have « net »  assets of 1.9 million euros, the figures show. The gap between the top 10% and the poorer … Continue reading

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