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Catalonian elections – a matter of faith

Pro-independence parties are set to take power in Catalonia in elections Sunday that could pave the way to secession. Julian Maganto* makes a plea not to let emotions decide. On Sunday the Catalans choose their representatives in the regional Parliament. In a year that is so electorally significant in Spain as this one, in which there have … Continue reading

Crisis of democracy and sovereignty: the case of France

By Jacques Sapir France currently suffers from a deep democratic deficit. This can be measured in the rise in abstention during elections for almost twenty years. This is widely acknowledged, even if we differ on the analysis of the causes of this situation. Some dream of institutional reform. Such as a “Sixth Republic” advanced by … Continue reading

Greece’s new government, Tsipras and the issue of sovereignty

Why did Syriza choose the Independent Greeks as coalition partner? And how will the other Eurozone countries react to the new Government in Athens? Jacques Sapir explains Syriza has won and secured 149 seats in the Greek parliament. Alexis Tsipras, its charismatic leader, is the big winner of the elections this Sunday, January 25th. Many people … Continue reading

3 recent events in Catalonia and Spain and what they mean

Vicenç Navarro analyzes the situation in Catalonia and Spain, looking at three recent events of great significance Earlier this month there were three events that symbolize the situation in Spain. 1. The Death of Emilio Botín One event was the death of Señor Emilio Botín, and the huge media exposure in the wake of this event, … Continue reading

The EU is a new form of colonialism – it’s time to break free

Spain has a future but it means breaking with the Eurozone and EU institutions, argue Hector Illueca and Adoración Guamán The economic crisis affecting our country and the austerity policies imposed by the troika (European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund) are leading to an increasingly evident social fracture. Astonished citizens observe the … Continue reading

Bank nationality and the risks of European banking union

Current economic policies are accentuating the differences between the eurozone members. Under these conditions, banking union, rather than protecting the weaker countries, could accelerate the “mezzogiornificazione” of the European peripheries, argues Emiliano Brancaccio A few days ago, the European Parliament approved a bill that will transfer the functions of banking supervision of eurozone member states to … Continue reading

The Cyprus crisis and the ECB’s Darwinian turn

The Eurozone’s central bank is taking advantage of the Cyprus crisis to pursue European banking union through an open contest between the strongest and weakest countries, argues Emiliano Brancaccio We still do not know the outcome of the banking crisis in Cyprus but we can already draw some lessons from it for the future. Many … Continue reading

No to permanent austerity! Reject the fiscal pact!

Today thousands are expected at a national demonstration in Paris against the EU Fiscal Compact AKA Permanent Austerity Treaty. Below is a joint statement signed by campaigners, unions and radical left political parties who will be participating in the protests. ‘The President wants to ratify the” fiscal compact “, as it was signed by Nicolas … Continue reading

French feminists join campaign against EU Fiscal Compact

French feminists have joined a growing campaign against a new EU treaty arguing that women would be in the frontline of a scary new world of ‘permanent austerity’ . The Fiscal Compact, set to be tabled for a vote in the National Assembly in October,  would threaten women’s rights and ‘exacerbate gender inequalities’ as cuts … Continue reading

EU banking union another huge neoliberal step

Expressing concerns over the democratic legitimacy and democratic control over today’s Commission proposals for a European banking union (EBU), Portuguese GUE/NGL MEP Marisa Matias today called for clarity on parliament’s role, as the only democratically elected institution, in the proposed new structures. “Monetary policy and banking supervision are now EU responsibilities but if banks fail … Continue reading

Europe storm heading Hollande’s way

How French Socialist President Hollande is wading into choppy waters over Europe. Left Foot Forward 

Solidarity with the Spanish bankers

You may have heard about the plan, agreed in June to give €100 billion to Spanish banks. The ‘rescue’ plan for Spanish bankers, who speculated their way to ruin, is being financed by all Eurozone member states, that is by all the citizens of the Eurozone. Now, this includes Spaniards. And they, that is the country’s 99%, are paying … Continue reading

Hollande was a soft touch at the European Summit says Melenchon

The EU Summit means neo-liberal policies will deepen and the sovereignty of citizens over their national budgets has been ‘reduced to nothing’, says left radical Jean-Luc Melenchon. And yet French President Hollande is pretending this is a new beginning for Europe. More

Irish people can strike a decisive blow against Austerity Treaty, say Left MEPs

MEPs from the European United Left / Nordic Green Left group in the European Parliament in Dublin Thursday said the Fiscal Treaty would be a ‘catastrophe for Europe’. German MEP Sabine Wils said the treaty ‘is about shifting wealth from the poor to the wealthy… people in Ireland are not and will not be isolated. … Continue reading

Urgent need to regroup union movement and workers in a more class-oriented direction, say Greek Communists

Interview with Communist Party (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga by Athens News, 27 Apr 2012 Athens News: Does the EU-IMF memorandum raise issues of national sovereignty, of the unfettered operation of the democratic system and of enforcement of the constitution? Aleka Papariga: Whoever raises issues of the abolition of “national sovereignty” because of the memorandum is … Continue reading

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