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A great, beautiful day

By Giorgio Cremaschi

19th October saw one of the most beautiful and largest demonstrations in Italy in recent years. It was also a true demonstration of the people, made up of tens and tens of thousands of young people, migrants, women and activists from social and environmental movements, workers and pensioners.

And since it was linked, as was decided by the promoters themselves, with the strike of 18 October by the [Cobas] trade unions, we can see the outlines of a possible opposition social bloc, which breaks down the barriers between generations, job insecurity, unemployment, income, between social rights and the environment. And one can start to even feel a maturing of political objectives, with the democratic demand to decide [the future for ourselves], while we identify our enemies as Europe of austerity and its governments, and in Italy, the government [led by Enrico Letta] desired President Giorgio Napolitano .

Those who shares many of the social and political objectives of these movements, but did join the protests because of sectarianism or arrogance, will do well to admit that he was wrong .

Finally one has to laugh at the sight of the shameful Italian media, a really ridiculous expression of power. All the major media outlets announced the demonstration on 19 October like a police report. Then, although there were fewer accidents than in a normal game of football, the media ignored the strength, the beauty, the freshness of the event, where for the first time the families of migrants marched with their children…

Once again, the mass media is confirmed as part of the crisis of our democracy. But the demonstration of 19 October shows that we move forward again, regardless. Without exaggerating, and aware of the many difficulties, we can move forward again.


Translation by Revolting Europe

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