Photos of the week

Strikes, demonstrations, rallies and protests. Portuguese doctors strike (9.7.2014) Spain’s Purple Tide protest against roll back of abortion rights (1.2.2014) Coca Cola workers protest factory closures, Spain (1.2.2014)  Madrid’s White Tide anti-hospital privatisation protest (27.1.2014) Employees of washing machine factory protests redundancies, Lyon, France (22.1.2014) Protests in Burgos, Spain (18.1.2014)  March in Berlin in solidarity with refugee protest camp (15.12.2013) Female activists take part in a rally in Athens to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25.11.2013) Anti-fascist sit-down protest, Berlin (26.10.2013) Peoples United Against the Troika here and here (1.6.2013) Anti-austerity strike in Navarra and Basque Country (30.5.2013) Metalworkers’ lead anti-austerity protest, Rome (18.5.2013)Two year anniversary of Spain’s Indignados (15.5.2013) Students, teachers, parents against Spain’s education reforms/cuts (9.5.2013) May Day Marches in Portugal (1.5.2013) 25 April (2013) protests, Portugal Popular Siege of Spanish Parliament (25.4.2013) ‘White tide’ against health privatisation (21.4.2013) Movement against evictions protests outside house of Spain’s deputy premier (5.4.2013)  Student protests against cuts, Spain (14.3.2013) Pots and pans protest outside EU HQ in Madrid (13.3.2013)  Graffiti at the ECB Portugal’s Screw the Troika Anti-austerity protest (2.3.2013) Iberia workers protest job cuts (week commencing 18.2.2013) Union-led anti-austerity protests in Lisbon and Braga (16.2.2013) Protests against evictions, Spain and here (16.2.2013)  March against corruption in Madrid (1.2.2013) Greek transport workers and doctors strike, Athens (31.1.2013) Teachers’ protest against cuts, Portugal (26.1.2013)  The fifth ‘marea blanca’ – ‘white tide’ of health workers protesting privatization (7.1.2013)  Madrid health workers protest against privatisation (9.12.2012)  Health workers march against cuts, Madrid (19.11.2012) Europe-wide anti-austerity strikes and protests and in Portugal   Bologna, Italy, students and students in Rome Spain(1) Spain(2) (14.11.2012)  Italy: students, teachers, parents protest against cuts, privatisation,  Rome (10.11.2012) Greece: Protestors clash with police as fresh austerity bill to be passed, Athens (7.11.2012) Disabled protest against cuts, Athens (23.10.2012) Teachers, students, parents demonstrate in Athens (23.10.2012) ‘Jobs First’ Rally in Rome, Italy (20.12.2012)  Students, parents and teachers protest against education cuts, Spain (18.10.2012) Global noise, Madrid and around the world (13.10.2012) Italian students, teachers rally against cuts, reforms in BariTurinPalermo (12.10.2012) Spanish students march against cuts, austerity (11.10.2012) and here Greeks greet Merkel (9.10.2012) Pharma workers protest over job cuts, Paris (3.10.2012) Music School Students Demostrate, Athens (2.10.2012) Paris Protests against EU austerity Treaty (30.9.2012) Protest against privatisation, Rome (1.10.201) Anti-Austerity Rally Lisbon (29.9.2012) Spain protests (29.9.2012) in the preceding week here and here and here (26.9.2012) and here  and here (25.9.2012) Fiat workers protest for ‘work and wages’, Italy (22.9.2012) Spain transport strike 17.9.2012 Anti-austerity rallies in Spain  and here (15.9.2012) Portugal anti-austerity protests (15.9.2012) and here Sardinia’s Alcoa workers take protest to Rome (also here) (31.8.2012) Sardinia’s miners take protest 373 metres underground (28.8.2012)  Robin Hood Mayor Gordillo’s protest march (8.2012) Barcelona jobs protest (8.2012) Miners Protest, Madrid (31.5.2012) Spanish miners’ strike  (June 2012) Anti-austerity protest, Lisbon, (26.5.2012) Spanish Teachers’ strike (22.5.2012) March of widows of Italy’s ‘austerity suicides’ (May 10, Rome) 200,000 protest in Lisbon against plans to axe half 4,300 parish councils as part of ‘Troika’ cuts plan  (31 March 2012) Strike in Barcelona (29 March 2012)   ArcelorMittal workers demonstrate in Florange in ‘defence of French industry‘ ( 23.3.2012) Police violence against students in Spain (30.3.2012) Italy’s metalworkers protest March 9 2012 Workers occupy railway maintenance company, Italy (20.2.2012) Athens outside Greek Parliament (12.2.2012) Spain’s feminist Purple Tide protest (10  February 2012) Belgium general strike  (30.1.2012) Shipbuilding workers’ strike, Genoa  (11.1.2012)  Demonstration in Florence, Italy, against murder of two migrants workers   (17.12.2011) Italy general work stoppage (12.12.2011)  Assorted Pix of European Austerity Protests (December 2011-February 2012) Portugal General Strike  (24.11.2011) Italy General Strike  (9.9.2011) and here General strikes in Spain since 1985 Portugal in struggle (PCP website)

Indignados Italy Spain Portugal – March of the Indignant Ones (21.1.2012) Portugal – More France Europe and worldwide

Also… Santiago Carrillo dies  Avante Festival, Portugal (Sep 2012) Spain: 81 years anniversary of the Second Republic (14.4.2012)  Italy in protest (great aggregator site) France social movement online photo library



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