2012 – that was the year that was

Spanish health care workers march against more austerity reforms

Plans to privatize Spain’s main hospitals and general measures to reduce public spendings were at the heart of Sunday’s protests in Madrid. Thousands of health care workers marched against the latest decisions of the ruling People’s party.

Europe’s dockworkers show solidarity with Portuguese workers

Spain: banks get cash jobs get slashed

Austerity and Low Wages will Lead to Years of Recession

The RealNews: Engelbert Stockhammer: Europe has shown that cuts in public spending and lowering wages leads to deep stagnation

Greek Parliament Approves Contentious Law to Expand Privatization

Dimitri Lascaris: New budget makes it clear Greece will never pay off its debts, real aim of austerity is to break unions and privatize public assets. The RealNews

Most Greeks Look to Left for Solutions, but Far Right Gaining Strength

Spanish students join anti-austerity campaign

Students in Spain are voicing their anger over the cuts in the education budget, saying their future is now at stake.

Since 2010, some $6.5bn have been cut from education funding in Spain. Tens of thousands of teaching jobs have been lost, class sizes have risen, and there have been dramatic increases in tuition fees. Scholarships, subsidies for textbooks and school dinners have disappeared, and other support grants have been cancelled. Students are deeply concerned, not least by comments this week from Spain’s education minister.

Portugal protests against tough tax hikes

Hundreds of protesters stayed out in front of the Portuguese parliament building late into Monday night after the government announced sweeping tax rises.

Banksters should be jailed say Europeans

Most Europeans think fraudulent bankers and traders found to have manipulated market rules such as Libor should face jail, according to a new survey.

Video: Furious shipyard workers storm Greek Defense Ministry complex

About 250 shipyard workers stormed the Greek Defense Ministry in Athens on Thursday, demanding to be paid their wages and calling for an audience with the Greek Defense Minister. The shipyard workers were from the Hellenic Skarmangas shipyard. Furious over not having been paid for six months, they chanted “We want solutions, not layoffs!”

Protests continue in Spain 

The Spanish parliament building in Madrid remains surrounded by anti-austerity protesters. It is the third demonstration in 5 days against a round of massive budget cuts. Many Spaniards can’t understand why banks are getting bailouts while they are being told to tighten their belts. Al Jazeera’s Tim Friend reports from Madrid.

More videos at Revolting Europe on Youtube a multlingual streaming video channel comprising content from third parties

Democracy kidnapped!’ Clashes in Madrid as thousands surround Spanish Congress

Riot police have ringed the Spanish parliament in Madrid after clashing with demonstrators as thousands of protesters gather for a march against austerity tagged “Surround Congress”. Nine people have been injured and 15 arrested, local media report. RT

More videos at Revolting Europe on Youtube a multlingual streaming video channel comprising content from third parties

Portuguese march against austerity

100,000 in anti-austerity protest march in Lisbon, tens of thousands in two dozen other cities elsewhere in Portugal, Saturday 15 September 2012

‘Lazy Greeks myth, red herring in explaining crisis’

Peter Mertens, leader of the Workers’ Party of Belgium, believes the Eurozone debt crisis is pushing member states towards “a very large number of social conflicts.” Europe faces three alternatives – saving the euro with “authoritarian measures by taking national sovereignty overnight to the European level”, breaking up into “two, three or four Europes”, or adopting a socialist model, “where banking system is public, where energy system is public, where there is democracy.” Mertens believes Europe needs radical changes to its financial sector. (Russia Today)

Spanish miners fighting for their communities

Miners in northern Spain’s Santa de Sil town have been on strike for almost two months against government’s decision to slash a coal subsidy as part of its austerity programme.

Angry coal miners are now preparing to walk more than 400km to the capital Madrid to press their demands, as the government move is considered to damage the dwindling work in coal mines. The coal industry employed more than 50,000 people in 1986, but now barely 8,000 earn their living as miners. Al Jazeera

The man who could decide the fate of Europe

Who is Alexis Tsipras? What is Syriza? Can Greece find a way out of the crisis?

A wide–ranging in-depth interview with the leader of the radical left party that could emerge as the largest force in the country’s June 17 elections. The interview was conducted days before the May 6 general elections in Greece

Crushing Cuts: Police lash out as Spanish rally

The streets of Spanish cities become a battlefield as tens of thousands of schoolchildren and students have been protesting against education cuts. The demonstrations turned violent earlier this week in the city of Valencia where 17 people were injured in what’s been called a ‘heavy-handed repression’ of the rally. Protests have been sparked by the budget cuts implemented to meet EU deficit targets

Guernica – 75 years since the Nazi bombing of civilians

Guernica is a Basque village that on 26 April 75 years ago was ruthlessly bombed by the Nazi German air force with terrible loss of life. The Luftwaffe was supporting fellow fascists under Franco. This wanton act of aggression, just one of many instances of German complicity in the Spanish Civil War, inspired Picasso’s famous painting.

Civil servants strike across Slovenia over austerity 

A large public sector strike hits Slovenia. Some 80,000 teachers, doctors, police officers and others halted work over planned pay cuts to rein in the euro zone member’s budget deficit.

Anti-austerity, capitalist protests fill Lisbon

Some 200 thousand people filled the streets of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon to protest at plans to cut 1,500 hundred parishes. They fear the reform – demanded by the EU, the IMF and the World Bank as part of the bailout package – will be a blow to their local identity.

Jean Luc Melenchon at the Bastille

The now famous rally in Paris on 18 March 2012 that attracted up to 100,000 for the Left Front’s ‘civic insurrection’ as part of the Presidential elections in France

Part 1

Part 2

The now famous rally in Paris on 18 March 2012 that attracted up to 100,000 for the Left Front’s ‘civic insurrection’ as part of the Presidential elections in France

Secret prisons in Europe, finds EU special committee

Secret detention centres and an organised system supporting the CIA’s rendition programme were in place in several EU countries, according to the findings of European Parliament special committee.

European Left on the ‘permanent austerity’ EU Treaty 

Italian workers rock Monti’s reform boat

Greeks in Despair: Suicide rate record high

International Women’s Day Message form European Left

CGIL:  rights and jobs in construction 

The CGIL union is holding Sat 3 March 2012 demonstrations in Rome calling for rights for building workers, regular employment and investment in the sector that has lost 300,000 posts since 2008.

Austerity Anger: Cops lash out at cuts protests in Spain

Solidarity with Greek people

Greece protests

Italy – health is not for sale 

Greece on strike yet again

Portugal’s indignados back on streets

Greece on strike

French airport strike

Portuguese youth exodus

This section features videos covering the Europe, the left, social movements and trade unions. It consists entirely of sreamed content produced by third parties.

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