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If we think about what is good for everyone, we can solve things

Left Front leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon talks to Humanité about socialism, humanism, the environment and fixing France. More 

Sarko dances to tune of Standard and Poor’s

It was meant to sound tough on business and the banks, friendly to the struggling, man on the street. But despite Nicolas Sarkozy’s talk on TV Sunday of protecting employment and French industry, the President’s plan to get him re-elected this Spring appeared largely a smoke screen for the same old policies that favour the 1%, … Continue reading

Deficit limit is a Constitutional Coup d’etat – Portuguese Communists on EU summit

Pedro Guerreiro, member of the Central Committee of the Portuguese Communist Party on the conclusions of the EU summit of 8 December  The European Council have confirmed the essential purpose of the process of capitalist integration of the European Union:  the imposition of an agenda based on the exploitation and impoverishment of workers, of more … Continue reading

An anti-democratic step toward the abyss – Italy’s communists react to EU summit

On the EU summit of 8 December Paolo Ferrero, leader, Communist Refoundation party, Italy: The European summit concluded with the complete victory of Chancellor Merkel: a genuine Monetary Coup d’Etat and a new European order in which Berlin reigns supreme. The model to which Merkel aspires is evidently the mad restrictive policies that Chancellor Bruning … Continue reading

Austerity Italy: Monti worse than Berlusconi say communists

“Monti’s polices will bring Italy to default. This budget is worse that one that Berlusconi would have presented,” said Paolo Ferrero, leader of Communist Refoundation at the conclusion of the party’s congress in Naples yesterday. The budget package presented by Italy’s pm Mario Monti is a “hammer blow” for Italians, it is “recessive and doesn’t … Continue reading

Monti’s attack on the Italian pension system is class war

Over the weekend a package of austerity measures were announced by Italian premier Mario Monti to reassure financial markets that have been betting on Italy defaulting. Cuts to pensions featured large – raising the retirement age, eventually up to 70,  extending the minimum 40 year contribution period and ending cost of living indexation, for those … Continue reading

Corner shop economics gains ground

It originated in Germany. Then Spain did it and now Italy is on the verge of following suit. Tying the hands of sovereign national parliaments on their fundamental roles of taxing and spending is becoming ever more fashionable. In August, at the behest of Germany and France, heads of state in the Eurozone agreed that … Continue reading

Sarko’s « shielding the oligarchy from the economic crisis » says radical Melenchon as gulf between rich and poor widens

France has become much more unequal in recent years, new official figures show. The richest 1% have seen their assets swell by 47% between 2004 and 2010, according to national statistics agency, INSEE. The top 1% have « net »  assets of 1.9 million euros, the figures show. The gap between the top 10% and the poorer … Continue reading

Monti Government: Different Style, Same Content (Italy Radical Press Review)

The Italian newspapers today were focused on the speech yesterday by new Italian PM to the Senate, Mario Monti, the upper house of parliament. Here’s a flavour of reactions from the radical press: Liberazione Editorial by Paolo Ferrero, Communist Refoundation “The programme presented to parliament is completely neo-liberal…It is the implementation, radicalised by European demands, … Continue reading

Technical? New Italian government run by corporate, banking lobby: Communists

Commenting on new Italian Government announced this afternoon, Paolo Ferrero, Communist Refoundation, said: “We don’t like this government: it is an expression of powerful vested interests from that world that has brought us to this crisis. This government, tied to banks, corporations, to private universities, to the usual suspects is against the needs of the … Continue reading

Greek Communists: The hope for the people is in the class struggle

KKE Statement The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, spoke on Sunday at a large political rally of young people. In a jam-packed indoor stadium the GS of the CC of the KKE made reference to the political developments in Greece. Posing the question “What determined the current developments which led … Continue reading

Italy’s radical left: No fudge, elections now!

Oliviero Diliberto, national secretary, Party of Italian Communists (Pdci), 8/9.11.2011 “Democracy requires elections. “The financial speculators are instead punting for a government that serves them, that is, an ‘instutional and technical government’. “They want to cut us down like Greece. And naturally they have among industrialists, friends and allies in Italy. Instead of telling us … Continue reading

Radical reactions to Greek referendum drama

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) KKE: No if there is a referendum, No if there isn’t. Yes to overthrow the monopolies ‘The dilemma Euro or drachma is misleading for the people. The interest of the people is the disengagement from the EU with people’s power and economy, which will cancel the whole debt unilaterally and … Continue reading

Spanish occupy movement faces electoral test

by Tom Gill Spain gave the world the ‘indignados’, the movement of ‘indignant ones’ that become a global phenomena October 15 when millions from dozens of countries took to the streets. Yet less than a month from general elections in the home of this momentous street rebellion, it is as if nothing ever happened. On … Continue reading

Portugal’s PM put in the naughty corner

Oh dear. Pedro had done all that teacher told him and much more. He had tightened his belt not two but three times. He was to sell twice as many family jewels as needed. A more dedicated pupil you could not find. But to no avail. Less than a week after he shined that apple … Continue reading

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