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Ukrainian democracy under threat as interim government moves to ban Communist party  

Left-wing MEPS have condemned moves to ban Ukraine’s Communist Party as an attack on the country’s democracy. Reacting to news that Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchynov has asked Ukraine’s Justice Ministry to consider a ban of the Communist Party of Ukraine, GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer declared: “We firmly condemn these moves towards a future ban on the … Continue reading

France local elections: disappointment with Hollande and abstention help Le Pen

Pietro Lunetto offers an analysis of Sunday’s elections and argues that despite the headlines, the Left vote held up overall. The result of the first round of the French administrative has sparked the reaction, often lazy, of the mainstream press, which prefers headlines to detailed analysis of the situation. From the results of the first round, … Continue reading

Beating the rip off supermarkets – French style

Supermarkets squeeze small farmers while ripping off consumers to fill the pockets of shareholders and pay huge salaries to executives. It is a familiar story. In France last week, unions and the Communist Party, were out in town squares and public places as part of a campaign to fight back. In Paris and in 25 … Continue reading

Decision time for Italian voters

Italians are voting again after 14 months under “technocrat” Mario Monti. The outcome of the election in terms of delivering a stable government is uncertain. Pier Luigi Bersani’s centre-left Democrats have been leading in the polls, but billionaire media magnate Silvio Berlusconi’s right-wing alliance is expected to put in a strong showing as is newcomer … Continue reading

Italy: And now for something completely different

A coalition of communists, greens and radical magistrates have combined to propose a Civil Revolution to the Italian people in parliamentary elections on Feb 24-25. Here’s the manifesto

Corruption: it’s not true, politicians are not all the same

By Manel García Biel Generalizations are often not fair, but now seem to be fashionable on the issue of corruption. We often say “everyone is corrupt”, “all politicians are the same”, “they do not represent us.” Generalizations lead to us to put them all in the same boat, and this is neither true nor fair. … Continue reading

Italy’s splintered radicals unite to fight for labour rights

Ever since the dissolution some two decades ago of the Italian Communist Party, once western Europe’s largest, Italy’s radical left has been splintered and weak. Today you have two communist parties (Communist Refoundation and the Party of Italian Communists) a green-radical left party (Left Ecology Freedom party, headed by the Governor of Puglia, Nichi Vendola) and … Continue reading

Portugal: Troika, government blamed for 25% rise in numbers signing on

The number of people signing on at job centres in June in Portugal increased to 645,995, a 24.5% leap compared to a year earlier. That’s a rise of 127,250. The Portuguese Communist Party described the figures as ‘alarming’ and blamed them on Government austerity policies, including a rise in valued added tax and cuts in public investment … Continue reading

Portugal: 30,000 in protest against ‘pact of aggression’

Thirty thousand marched in Lisbon Saturday to protest against the bail out plan, or ‘pact of aggression’  one year since it was agreed between the Portuguese government and the IMF-EU-ECB Troika. Attacks on public services, welfare, rising unemployment and inequalities were among the main themes of  the protest, which was led by the Portuguese Communist … Continue reading

A young Communist mayor in Mafia land

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / controlacrisi.org Interview with Valerio Marletta He took office in Palagonia on May 23, the province of Catania, Sicily. Valerio Marletta is the town’s first communist mayor. A member of the Young Communists,  Marletta has a track record in the movement, campaigning on social issues and in the battle against the … Continue reading

Portugal: Communists demand debt renegotiation as OECD issues growth downgrade

The parliamentary leader of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP), Bernardino Soares, said Tuesday that the OECD’s downgrade of Portugal’s economic growth prospects showed the need for ‘debt renegotiation’ . Soares was reacting to the OECD’s forecast that economic activity would decline next year rather than post a small gain, as it forecast in November. Portugal’s economy is likely … Continue reading

Radical left and anti-austerity candidates triumph in Italy’s second round mayoral elections.

Radical left and anti -austerity candidates won Monday in Genoa, Palermo and Parma in the second round run off mayoral elections in Italy. Genoa In Genoa, Marco Doria, a left academic and son of veteran communist Giorgio Doria, the ‘red marquis’, was victorious. Following in his father’s footsteps, Doria joined the Italian Communist Party (PCI) in his youth, … Continue reading

Italian communists march in protest at Monti

Up to 40,000 communists marched in Rome Sunday to protest against the policies of the ‘technocrat’ Italian government of Mario Monti. A sea of red flags flowed through the centre of Rome, from the Piazza della Repubblica to the Colloseum. The key themes of the demonstration, called by the two communist parties in the Federation … Continue reading

No more bailouts, time to nationalise the banks, say Spanish radicals

United Left called Tuesday on Spanish MPs to back its proposals to nationalise the country’s ailing banks and create a ‘public bank’  to start digging Spain out of recession. Alberto Garzón, economic spokesman of the Communist-led coalition, rejected plans to bailout the country’s third largest  bank, Bankia, and said it should be taken into public … Continue reading

France needs genuine policy change and concrete, rapid improvements in living standards or Le Pen will triumph

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / HUMANITE May 7, 2012 Following the victory of Socialist Francois Hollande over right-wing incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in the second round of France’s Presidential elections on Sunday, French communist daily L’Humanite caught up with Olivier Dartigolles, spokesman for the French Communist Party, which is a founding and central member of the … Continue reading

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