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Spain’s police union slams Government’s ‘barbaric’ orders over eviction campaigners

In Argentina, escraches were people who organized demonstrations outside the homes of people associated with the dictatorship. In Spain, this term has been borrowed by the Platform for Mortgage Victims (PAH), to apply pressure in favour of a Popular Legislative Initiative on evictions, with some protests being held outside the homes of the leaders of … Continue reading

Spain’s evictions, the ECJ ruling and the banking lobby

By Vicente Clavero The two main parties in Spain, the Socialists and the Popular Party, should hang their heads in shame because it took a decision from overseas to fix our legislation on evictions. Legislation, which, since the beginning of the crisis, has been used by banks to seize the homes of half a million … Continue reading

Spanish firefighters refuse to be ‘puppets of the banks’

Spanish firefighters are refusing orders to participate in evictions because their duty is to “serve the public ” and intervene in “emergencies” and not to be “puppets of the bank or its servants in the government”. Firefighters in Galicia, Catalonia and the Madrid region have rejected any action that “contributes to inequalities and miseries suffered … Continue reading

Winners and losers in Spain’s financial crisis

By Manel García Biel The Spanish financial system crisis was caused by the over-indebtedness of financial institutions resulting from over-exposure to real estate which went boom and then bust. To deal with this financial crisis Spain implemented ‘reforms’ , paving the way for the country to obtain a bailout from the EU of 100 billion euros. … Continue reading

How Rajoy is failing – in ten economic indicators

A year after Mariano Rajoy’s landslide election victory on the night of 20 November the Spanish economy is in a much worse state. Which is not what the right-wing Popular Party (PP) leader leader promised the electorate on the campaign trail. Mariano Rajoy made the economic crisis his springboard to the Moncloa Palace. Although during the election … Continue reading

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