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Adieu Aulnay, Big Fat Lies and Peugeot-Citroen’s Future

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / L’HUMANITE When it was opened in 1973, the Peugeot Citroen (PSA) Aulnay factory had a promising future. The Peugeot family, who wanted to make the plant a beacon of modernity, having already obtained an advantageous labour deal on hiring the new workforce, decided to assemble its legendary DS there. With … Continue reading

Beating the rip off supermarkets – French style

Supermarkets squeeze small farmers while ripping off consumers to fill the pockets of shareholders and pay huge salaries to executives. It is a familiar story. In France last week, unions and the Communist Party, were out in town squares and public places as part of a campaign to fight back. In Paris and in 25 … Continue reading

72% of French people want referendum on Permanent Austerity Treaty-poll.

72% of French people want a referendum on the Fiscal Compact treaty, according to a poll. The CSA poll, conducted for l’Humanité  newspaper, comes as the radical Left Front renewed demands for the decision to be made by all the French people using this method of popular vote. President François Hollande plans to adopt the new treaty, … Continue reading

French socialists soak the rich

France’s new socialist government is pushing ahead with highly popular promises to make the rich and corporations shoulder a far greater burden of the costs of the economic crisis. There will be a big one-off increase in wealth taxes and surcharges on banks and energy companies in the country’s supplementary 2012 budget. An extra €2.3bn … Continue reading

The contradictions of Hollande

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO By Joseph Halevi Let’s try to overcome the hypnotic effect that the French left usually exercises over its Italian counterpart and figure out if a Hollande’s programme has feasible. The main points of the programme of the Socialist president-elect are to achieve a balanced budget in 2017 after reducing the … Continue reading

Factory occupation highlights France’s manufacturing meltdown

Hundreds of workers occupied Monday the factory of ArcelorMittal in Florange in the north of France after it was announced that the temporary closure would be prolonged for a further three months. The workers entered the steel factory shouting ‘Mittal, we want to work’. ‘We won’t leave the factory until the furnaces are started again,’ … Continue reading

French union mounts campaign over manufacturing meltdown

France’s manufacturing industry is going into meltdown. Over the past five years 300,000 jobs have been lost, production has fallen below the level in 1997 and the sector has a commercial deficit of Euros 50 billion, compared to Euros 150 billion surplus in Germany. Manufacturing now represents just 10% of the economy, with employment in … Continue reading

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