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A year on from the Black March: the Spanish miners’ struggle

It is a year since Spanish miners made their epic 450 km march from the mines of the north to Madrid to fight for a future for their communities. Asturian communist leader Francisco De Asís Fernández maps out the prospects for the coal miners’ struggle. On the night of July 10, 2012 columns from various … Continue reading

Why women marched in Madrid this weekend

Demonstrations were held in the streets of Madrid this weekend. Woman from Asturias, Leon and Aragon marched and sang on Saturday to remind politicians and the public of the plight of their mining communities and call for action. The marchers were wives, mothers and sisters of miners whose jobs will go in two years time, … Continue reading

The Sardinian Miners’ Struggle: The workers betrayed

By Luciano Gallino The threatened closure of the Carbosulcis mine [in Sardinia] will perhaps have economic explanations, but in many ways it has a strong political content, and offers no less significant potential for innovation of the industrial model. If economic criteria end up prevailing over others, as is also the risk with Alcoa’s Euroallumina … Continue reading

Creating a sustainable future for Spain’s mining communities

The miners have taken to the streets because the Popular Party government is not fulfilling its commitments to the mining sector under a five-year Plan for Coal agreement signed between government and unions last year. Aid to mining companies in this year’s budget was cut to 111 million euros from 301 million euros in 2011. These … Continue reading

Spain’s miners face annihilation but it’s coming up roses for bankers and employers

Goldman Sachs is working up a tidy little plan to profit from the misery of Spain’s miners. In the Asturian port of El Musel rest hundreds of thousands of tonnes of Colombian coal. The owner – the US-based multinational bank – paid for the black stuff in cash and intends to sell it in the … Continue reading

Miners’ ‘Black March’ to reach Spain’s capital

The Spanish miners’ ‘Black March’ will arrive in Madrid Sunday ahead of a major demonstration next week to demand a reversal of cuts to subsidies to the country’s coal industry. Two columns – one  from the ‘north’ comprising miners who have marched 400 kilometres from Asturias and León, and one arriving from Aragón in the … Continue reading

Spain’s Miners Start March to Madrid

Around 200 Spanish miners set out Friday on a march set to culminate July 11 in Madrid with a protest against government plans to slash subsidies to the coal sector. Family, friends and neighbours gathered in several towns in the northern regions of Asturias and Leon and the east-central region of Teruel to give the … Continue reading

Miners’ wives take protest song to Spanish Senate

Some 300 wives and partners of Spain’s striking coal miners held a loud protest at the entrance to the Senate, which was voting Tuesday evening on  the section of the general state budget which contains a 60% reduction of coal subsidies. Arriving in the capital in seven buses from Aragon, Castilla and Leon and Asturias, … Continue reading

Spanish miners bare all in struggle against pit closures

About 200 miners belonging to the Workers’ Commissions trade union have come up with a new way of expressing their rage.  Spain’s miners have blocked roads, built barricades and have been in running battles with the National Police. But on the 19th day of their strikes and protests against cuts that could shut down Spain’s … Continue reading

Spain’s coal miners battle for their jobs, communities

Spain’s miners are fighting for their jobs and the future of their communities Their campaign kicked off last week and has seen strikes, road blockades, and mine sit-ins involving up to 8,000 mineworkers from 40 coal mines in northern Spain. Backed by mining unions within both of Spain’s major labour federations — Confederación Sindical de … Continue reading

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