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Inequality and corruption threaten democracy

By Guido Rossi* The widespread perception that corruption has permeated the entire political, economic and social development of Italy in ways more serious than ever before, seems to have two obvious causes. The first is that it is a consequence of the decline of the existing order and the Italian political institutions; the second is … Continue reading

The crisis in the Balkans reflects Europe’s failure

Forget Berlin – to see the dark side of Europe we must look to Bosnia, the first victim of Friedman’s “shock therapy” on the Continent, says Emilio Molinari If someone in the European elections wants to understand a little more of the dark side of the European Union, of the Fiscal Compact and the 3% budgetary … Continue reading

Manufacturing consent: Economic thought control in France

From time to time, the question is understandably posed, why if austerity and neo-liberal policies are so patently failing in Europe, has there not been more of a challenge to them. Well one simple answer lies with economists, the experts who ought to know if the policies of cuts, deregulation, privatisation and so on, are … Continue reading

Italy: How the spread lost the elections

Grillo’s success and failure of Monti and the peninsula’s two main parties is a sign of a growing European revolt that has finally started in Italy too, says Giorgio Cremaschi The markets have reacted badly. It was obvious, banking and finance wanted the victory of the Democrats, working with Monti. Moreover, if elections had delivered victory … Continue reading

Protectionism, free trade and neo-populism

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / MICROMEGA Interview with Emiliano Brancaccio The mission that  Emiliano Brancaccio – the brilliant Neapolitan economist – has given himself seems difficult. None other than breaking a taboo that has been created around the doctrine of free trade. His thesis is that with the crisis of capitalist globalization, new forms of … Continue reading

Austerity is not working and will not work, say Europe’s trade unions

The European Trade Union Confederation sets out  the alternatives to the Troika’s diktat as the latest figures confirm the Eurozone has entered recession More

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