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Spain’s Podemos: Inside view of a radical left sensation

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / MEMOIRE DES LUTTES What is the thinking and strategy behind Spain’s new radical political sensation? Podemos European election campaign chief Iñigo Errejón explains. In Spain, the surge of discontent caused by structural adjustment policies and hostage taking of popular sovereignty by the oligarchic powers gave rise to a series of … Continue reading

Grillo: Both near and far from the indignados

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / IL MANIFESTO By Donatella della Porta Italy’s elections certainly did not produce the best possible outcome, but nor, for the anti-austerity cause, did they produce the worst. Two other results would certainly have been much more risky. One, a very close victory for the Right, with or without Monti, would have … Continue reading

Stéphane Hessel: A crisis caused by a non-regulated neoliberal economy

Interview with the late resistance fighter, deportee, diplomat and co-author of the Declaration of Human Rights Stéphane Hessel, published in l’Humanité on 31 December 2010 on the publication of his famous work, Indignez-vous! Here 

Photos of Tuesday’s Indignados protests in Spain

Check out photos of Tuesday’s Indignados protest in Spain. El Publico slideshow here

Portugal’s protest movement unites to fight cuts

Portugal’s anti-austerity protest this Saturday promises to be another big one after the organisers that brought as many as a million into the streets on September 15 swung behind the demonstrations and rallies planned by the CGTP trade union central. The signatories of the manifesto ‘Fuck the troika! We want our lives!’  (see below) are … Continue reading

The New Indignados

By Carlos París* Fifteen months have passed since the ‘indignados’ started their encampments in Madrid, Barcelona and in different places of Spain. Camps from which protest marches were called and massively swelled the streets of our country. And today, or more precisely during these past days that have extended endlessly, again urban spaces have filled … Continue reading

Naples protests call for ‘revolt’ against banks

Casual workers, grassroots unions and unemployed people demonstrated in Naples, Italy, Saturday with a procession starting from Piazza Mancini, near the Central Station to the prefecture. A thousand or so demonstrators, escorted by the police. followed a banner calling for ‘revolt’ in the country, and opposition to the unelected government of former European Commissioner Mario … Continue reading

Indignados march to the ‘Cave of Ali Baba’

Thousands marched in Madrid Saturday evening  to the ‘Cave of Ali Baba’ , otherwise known as the HQ of freshly ‘rescued’ bank, Bankia. Setting off 7pm local in time in Spain’s capital, crowds of indignados also expressed their anger at the wider €100 billion bail out of the country’s banking sector, agreed by the EU last … Continue reading

Factory occupation highlights France’s manufacturing meltdown

Hundreds of workers occupied Monday the factory of ArcelorMittal in Florange in the north of France after it was announced that the temporary closure would be prolonged for a further three months. The workers entered the steel factory shouting ‘Mittal, we want to work’. ‘We won’t leave the factory until the furnaces are started again,’ … Continue reading

Indignados camp out in Rome during Xmas

ITALY Indignados camped out since November in central Rome remain for Xmas. Although some have left to be with friends and family, 20 tents remain a short distance from the Terme di Caracalla. The ‘Indignati’ include youths and middle aged people, immigrants, disabled and homeless. Many people have brought then food to eat. A march … Continue reading

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