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French left say China, German rentiers winners in Eurozone deal

Reactions to the deal reached last night by Eurozone leaders to rescue the single currency and European banks :

The Socialist candidate for next year’s Presidential elections, François Hollande said the deal «avoided the worst » but found the participation in the beefed up bail-out fund of non-european countries, notably China, « profundly troubling » and said he feared this would lead to “defacto dependence” on the Asian superpower.

Green (Europe Ecologie-Les Verts) MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit said the deal « delivered the EU bound hand and foot to emerging countries. »

Green French Presidential candidate Eva Joly slammed a « sale of Europe to China at knock-down prices. »

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Prsidential candidate for the Left Front said:

« In Europe, the Conservative German Government wins out  rain or shine.  Its stale and frivolous recipes only correspond to the narrow interests of a rentier Germany.

« Nicolas Sarkozy has been incapable of offering any new ideas or solutions that conform to a France or Europe that wants to move forward »

« The [European] Central Bank’s refusal to intervene directly to loan directly to Eurozone states is an error which will be very costly for the Eurozone.

« The 50% haircut only confirms that Greece’s debt will not be paid back.»

FInancial coup’ detat

«  The incomprehensible guarantees of the ESFS [bailout fund] do not resolve any of the problems posed by the financial coup d’etat orchestrated by the European Union »  

« Without strict capital controls and a complete revamp of the financial sector banks and credit rating agencies will continue to harass states.

« Intimidated, panicked governments will continue to bleed dry their peoples and reduce growth to the detriment of public finances. This absurd policy is leading the EU to disaster. 

« I hope for a new start before it is too late. This can only come from the people. » 


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